How to flirt with a girl, 12 tips to make a good impression

Have you ever wondered why there are men who are handsome as hell? Do they have a more special way of flirting with a girl? Are they really know how to flirt with a girl?  If you have attractive looks, congratulations.  If not, you have to use  your charisma, manners, and sense of humor. Here, we will show you 12 ways on how to flirt with a girl.

Be confident

If you don’t think you’re interesting, engaging and funny, she’ll think so as well. Take a few minutes to calm yourself down. Think of yourself as the coolest, most engaging man on the planet. Focus on what you have to do. You need to be confident.

how to flirt with a girl: be confident

Women are always attracted to two things: positivity and affection. In other words, be a free man who loves your life, a confident, positive man, that will be the most effective natural attraction.

Do not hesitate

Focus on your goals and get close to her. Standing still for too long will make you think about many things. Go ahead with your instincts.

how to flirt with a girl: do not hesitate

Whether in a girl or anything, show your attitude, your sincerity, or the feelings you have for her. Don’t just slack off or hang out to make you both tired.

Find something interesting to say

For example, you can say you heard that she is very beautiful, she comes to this place often. Say something she’s never heard before. Tell a funny story, it’s good that you imagine it to be okay. Ask open questions. Keep her interested in the conversation with you. Always scrutinize her opinions, but avoid controversial topics.

Praise her but don’t flatter her

Just compliment her on simple, unclear sentences. Make it a difference. Women often spend a lot of time looking after their appearance, so say things like you like her hairstyle, the way she wears her clothes, her clothes and shoes. Those things make you really feel noticed and appreciated.

praise her but don't flatter her

Do not invest too much effort in a woman

Tell her she doesn’t have any ties here. Think of your first date as a job interview. Flirting with a girl is just like sending your resume. You have to assert “I’m here, and I’m interested”. Do not show disappointment or lack of affection. She is not the only one at the bar. Remember that you have not done anything wrong if you flirt with a few girls during the night.

Do not compete with women

Be a charismatic guy. Women have different ways of thinking and looking, so don’t ever compete with them. Even if she does something wrong to you, never retaliate, respect her and find a solution for your relationship.

how to flirt with a girl: do not compete with women

Communicate and connect

Be a man who listens and knows how to communicate. Because that ability not only helps you to live a more harmonious life with everyone, but most of all, whether in a fight or a conflict, communication also helps you two avoid the case of each other. In fact both are still very much emotional.

Remember the little details

A man who cares about details and memorizes little things will make a good impression than other guys. So try to be mindful of the small things during your first encounter to ‘accidentally’ mention them in future meetings. This will make her see you different from most of the guys she has dated.

remember the little details

Pay attention to the small things that prove you care more about her than your average friend.

Sense of humor

If you ask any woman what type of a woman she likes about men, the sense of humor will be one of the things listed. For some, it was first in line. These are not really jokes that make people laugh or cry because they laugh too much.

Humor in flirting is different from telling jokes. It’s that you always see the interesting sides of every situation and don’t take things seriously. A few simple and humorous observations will make her smile, and this is when you know that she is concerned about her.

Be glamorous and funny

Let your true personality shine through, the key to making a girl fall in love with you is glamorous and fun.

Be glamorous

One thing a lot of guys forget to do when dating is to add a bit of glamor to the story. Stress is a huge stimulant. So, if you’ve used a gentle, flirty flirt and get a good response, change it a bit by adding a bit of masculine charm.

Be funny

Reduce the speed of speaking, lower the voice to one tone. What you say when applying this method is not as important as how you say them. Keep her eyes in your eyes and smile gently. You can also try to get closer and touch her accidentally. That is how to flirt with a girl!

how to flirt with a girl: be glamorous and funny

Adding to the seductive little story can also be a test. If she doesn’t respond, return to her original position. But if she responds to you, this is where you can push the relationship a bit further.

Smile. Do not laugh out loud


In a survey with female participants, a man with a big smile is considered less attractive than a sly, slightly smirked smile on one side. This is also known as eye smile and brings a high efficiency of communication without words.

Do not laugh out loud

You can try practicing this kind of smile in the mirror. Be natural, don’t be awkward. And remember, if you can’t convince you with your smile, you can’t attract any girl with your awkward smile.

smile do not laugh out loud

Start with the jokes

Starting conversations with fun statements is one of the most important and effective ways of flirting to attract attention. Most people start jokingly when they start the story, without trying. But some people go too far in the negative. Either too ‘raw’ or too timid to open the joke. So find the right balance and capture the content of the story to make the appropriate jokes.

Hopefully, with the sharing on how to flirt with a girl, it will help you to “conquer” the girl you like.

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