Top 8 questions to ask a guy you like

Asking questions is the simplest way to get to know someone. It shows that you are a caring person and you are interested in learning more about the other person. But to think of questions to ask a guy you like can be very time-consuming. So what should you ask? What should you not ask? Should you try to be funny?

If you’re not sure what questions to ask your crush, will suggest 8 questions to ask a guy. Some of them may be silly, some may be serious but all of these questions will help you to know your crush better and he will understand you better. Plus, these questions will show him how much you care about him.

questions to ask a guy you like

Have you asked your current lover these 8 questions? If not, ask now, the answer will probably make you think a lot!

Do you think you should share everything with me when you love me?

When you ask questions to a guy you like, you will probably be quite surprised by the person’s answer. Because sharing information in life depends on the views and thinking of each person, there will be “forbidden areas” that he does not want to share with you. Maybe he won’t want you to ask about family or work, etc. Seriously listening and avoiding awkwardness will be essential.

What is your view of sex?

Be straightforward and resolute to protect what you think is right about your sexuality, as this is not something that can be ambiguous. Everyone needs it; the question is whether they want to preserve or know how to take responsibility for each other or not. Every decision depends on the two of you, so there is a limit to both of them, and if you can do it, you will be responsible.

Currently, the only person you love is me, right?

There is no certainty in the future, you need to be alert in all your relationships, including love. Assert that you are in love with the right person, wholeheartedly for the righteous person, not for a pretentious person and catch fish with your hands. Maybe the answer to the current lover is not necessarily right, but it also makes you feel somewhat secure.


There is no certainty in the future, you need to be alert in all your relationships, including love.

When will we get married?

If the two of you have had a good time with each other, talking about the future is nothing too far away. Maybe you want to continue studying a little more, he also wants to focus on his work and has not thought of anything far away, the two also need to discuss together to not make each other less expected.

Do you agree to share household chores with your future wife?

Not every man agrees to share housework, take care of the children with his wife, especially when they get married, the wife will be surprised to realize. So “front fence” by asking his opinion, certainly the answer will not be “I’m always ready!” But will be countless ways of thinking and other justifications. Clearly, in responsibility, the way of thinking will make both understand and sympathize with each other.

In your opinion, adultery is true or false?

Are men really more unfaithful than women? Is there any difference between this view?

For women

I was very surprised to refer to the answer to this question in the friends around me, both men and women. Most women think adultery is wrong, certainly wrong, and hard to forgive.

For men

But for most men, the answer is quite roundabout, they think that’s right, it’s wrong, but there are many causes and circumstances. A thoughtful man, one will be able to overcome his temptation, but if he has a promiscuous behavior as nature, no matter what she does, he cannot remain faithful!

questions to ask a guy you like: adultery is true or false

Note: Do not ask all these questions at once. You don’t want to ask every turn in one go. Remember, this is a conversation, not an interview. You want things to be interesting but you won’t want to be the one always asking questions.

Do you have a hard something to talk to me?

Many couples live with suspicions because they don’t share, it will be much easier if both sit down and listen to each other. Sometimes the answer can make you “shocked” or unhappy with their judgments, but you have to accept if you want both to have faith in the relationship.

question-to-ask-a-girl- Do-you-have-a-hard-something-to-talk to me

It is important to see if the other person is honest with you, whether they will disclose their secrets to you or not. If the answer is ‘yes’, then you have directly entered a part of the opponent’s life.

What is your perfect day?

Everyone will have their fun and hobbies, with this question, you will know exactly what the other likes and where to find fun. It’s important for you to know what the other person wants and wants if you intend to get to know the person and want to enter their heart.

The list of 8 questions to ask a guy above will be expensive suggestions when you need a topic to start a conversation. Each question will lead you to new questions that do not appear on the list as well as many other unexpected conversations. Don’t forget: the important thing in asking questions is the balance between listening and connecting with the person. wishes you lots of interesting conversations with the guy you love.

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