Which are the best ways to say I love you?

Many people get bored despite being heard romantic words every day. Therefore, to express your love effectively, you must think of the best ways to say “I love you”

How to express the most impressive and effective love when you want to show you love?

There are many ways to avoid having to say traditional love words but still help you to show your deep affection.

Write on a frosted mirror

After your shower, the steam will make the mirror in the bathroom blurred. Taking advantage of this condition, write down these words n the mirror. When he/she walks into the bathroom after you leave, he/she will see your message and his heart will be “pounding”.

Write on a cake

You go to the pastry shop order a cake and then you manually write on it slender words with fresh cream. Of course, you should only do this when you have gone through a period of practice to become proficient in the practice of writing letters on bread. If not, you can completely rely on the store where you place the cake, they will write that for you.

Put a card under the pillow

When you want to show your love for him/her in another way, buy a card, write the lines on it and put it under his pillow. Note how to put the card so that when he/she goes to bed, he/she will immediately see something under his/her pillow. Surely with words of love, you will make him/her touched.

Send love messages to him/her at work

To do this, you will have to be the one who works in the same office as him/her or by “colluding” with some administrative staff you use A4 sheets of paper on his/her desk written on it. These words with your lipstick and put it in the envelope. Then place it neatly in the center of the table so he/she can see the “love envelope” you left behind.

How to express the most impressive and effective love - ways to say I love you

Send love messages to him/her at work will definitely make him/her smile. That’s one way of how to flirt with a girl

Arrange with rose petals

Before he/she returns home after a day’s work, spread rose petals from outside the bedroom door and place them on your bed (or you can also line up that line on the floor). Surely when he/she comes home, he/she sees scattered rose petals, he/she will follow. And when he/she sees these words, he/she will put on your lips sweet and passionate kisses.

Using character languages

In love and marriage, he/she may not be able to know everything you are trying to say to him/her. And of course, you have to immediately give him/her the opportunity to learn. Do this every day and whenever you want.

best ways to say I love you

Create a mysterious message by character, he/she will be curious enough to discover your message.

Engraving on stationery items or utensils

If you want him/her to feel your sweetness every day, you can carve the sacred three words on the pen shell and give it to him/her or you can carve it into the photo frame. Put it where he goes every day or you can carve it on the edge of the table or the bedside… So whenever he/she can feel your love.

Write on the window

Use your lipstick or a crayon to write that you love him/her with some funny patterns on the window in your house. Surely he/she will be very happy and surprised to see that line.

Best ways to say I love you

Speak with your actions!

If you want to let him/her feel your love even if you don’t tell him/her that you love him/her so much then the best way for you is to express it by your own actions. Show respect, honesty, and trust in him/her and support him/her if possible. Besides, you can also organize picnics so that you two can spend more time together. It is worth noting that he/she catches his attention by giving him/her time to both share his/her feelings and confide.

Best ways to say I love you-2

You should also know how to ignore and forgive his/her mistakes, motivate and most importantly love him/her as much as possible. If you can deepen your relationship with him/her, he/she will surely know his/her position and meaning to you!

Speak with flowers and balloons!

To tell the one that you love him/her in a different way than you usually do, show your dream of love on balloons. This is the most romantic way you can indirectly tell him/her that you love him/her when you put in his/her hand a big red balloon, heart shaped, and the words that you love him/ her written on it. You can call or text him/her a message after hanging your love gift at his/her gate. He/she will be very happy and happy, do not forget to send him/her a red rose.

Create a romantic date

Adult girls are often very delicate about showing affection to someone they love. They will invite their love partner to a surprise dinner at a place that they have arranged. If you also want to tell your guy that you love him, you can go on the menu and cook some of his favorite delicacies. You can then decorate the entire area with some lovely decorations or soft heart-shaped balloons. Dress a bit sexy plus melodious, romantic music so after enjoying the meal, you two can dance together and whisper in his ear!

The best ways to say I love you depend on you. The act of hiding emotions is more valuable than words. However, though old-fashioned, the saying is spoken sincerely and indispensably in the relationship of love. These actions are just a stepping stone for you to say those three important words.

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