First Date Ideas During Quarantine

Dating sites have revitalized the dating landmark for the better. Online dating is different from conventional offline dating, and it promotes better romantic outcomes. Dating sites have been urging us to date online, thus killing the stigma that has been. The main advantages of online dating are; communication, access, and matching. A 2019 Stanford study shows that partners are more likely to form a unique bond through online dating than any other avenue.

Millions are confined in their homes to curb the spread of COVID-19, the human desire for connection and contact has shot up. It has led to the search for companionship on dating sites. Online dating sites like Mingle2 have reported a significant increase in the number of messages since coronavirus happened, and lockdown came into effect.

Finding love right now may feel stressful and exhausting. The conventional rules don’t apply in online dating. If you’re already in a relationship, great! But how do you touch and connect with someone miles away? Here are some ideas on responsible virtual dating during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A couple is flirting each other by using first date ideas during quarantine

a) Embrace the real you

When using online dating, crafting the best profile, and embracing the real you is an essential aspect. But it makes one wonder and ask questions about one’s imperfections. No one is perfect; we all have flaws. Imperfections sometimes are what make people fall head over heels for you. So if you can’t change your imperfections, then why not embrace them?

Imperfections are adorable and fantastic. It is what makes one’s dating profile and personality go from seeking stage to dating. Flaws bring out the uniqueness of a person. Love your imperfections and be yourself. Confidence comes naturally when you embrace the real you and brings the opportunity to embrace an authentic version of yourself.

b) Be honest and direct

Honesty is an essential rule in online dating. A research analysis carried out on online dating sites shows that profiles where owners revealed niche details about themselves, like; drinking habits, are more successful at getting partners. Honesty can be terrifying on dating sites. It’s exposing. Honesty can sometimes make us feel vulnerable to hurt or rejection.

Stanford research states that people are generally honest on dating sites. Most people on dating sites are inclined to tell the truth for fear of being caught. It may sound like a cliché, but honesty is the best policy. Honesty creates a strong bond.

c) Don’t expect your partner to be everything

Your partner may be your perfect match, but he/she is perfect. Expecting one person to tick every checkbox is a recipe for disappointment. Approach online dating as an avenue to look for connection rather than looking for an intimate partner. A relationship advisor, Hoffman, argues that try to look for other channels and people in your network for support. That releases the pressure off your partner.

d) Optimize your dating profile

Whichever dating site you are using, the rules are always the same. Take time to design a catchy eye profile. Start with decent and clear pictures. Next, fill the dating profile accordingly. It involves answering all the questions correctly and providing full details. The best secret when filling the profile is to always focus on writing on what you’re looking for, rather than who you are.

When crafting a profile, it’s essential, to be honest, and to always focus on qualities you are looking for in a person. After creating the profile, it is now time to hunt down for potential partners that match your profile. It’s better to send a comment on something unique in their profile and then comment on it with an emoji. When you respond to a message based on something they care about, your response rate goes up.

e) Virtual Dating

After creating an excellent profile and finding a partner, the next thing is to spend meaningful time together. Hoffman, a relationship advisor, says that there are many things that you and your partner can do virtually and still have special a special moment.

Once you are communicating with your partner, you can move towards the stage of online dating. Some tremendous online dates you can try include;

  • Setting up a game night like video games.
  • Netflix and remote chill -watching a movie while on video chat and discussing key moments is a beautiful bonding experience. It creates a feeling like you are like in the same room.
  • Virtual cuddles. Cuddling through the screen may sound lonely and weird. Lexar points simple steps to spice up your cuddling session and bring out the real feel.
  • Hiking alone but with FaceTime can be an enjoyable bonding experience.
  • Plan a romantic candlelit dinner. If you’re living in a state with lockdown measures, it’s evident it’s been a while since you’ve been on a dinner date. Social distancing does not limit a romantic dinner date. It is possible to make an order from your favorite hotels, lit up the room with candles, and look into each other’s eyes over a video call.
  • Plan real post-COVID-19 dates together. Prepare a list of places to visit together once the lockdown order is over. Talk about all the sites and dates that excite each other. It creates a strong bond that helps to know each other better.
  • Doing a session of online workout.


The big question is, what if I’m not into the idea of online dating? The best perspective to have when approaching dating sites is to look at it as something you need to put in your dating profile. If you want to meet people, especially now in this COVID-19 era and even post-pandemic, you have to change how you look at things and look at dating sites as your friend. Change your mindset.

Online dating can sometimes be stressful, especially when it’s a virtual date. But for all the stress that goes into virtual dating, it also has its advantages—approach dating sites to possibly making new friends. Love knows no boundaries, love is unpredictable, and love rarely respects any laws. Your soulmate is just a click away.

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