Feel boring during this time? You may use these quarantine date ideas! Of course, all of us are stuck at home during this COVID-19 pandemic. With everything else suffering, our love life also is. But hey hey hey, not anymore. There are basically three kinds of couples right now – the lucky ones who have got the golden opportunity of staying together in the lockdown, the other ones who are far away stuck at different places but still trying their best to get things better, and the last category is dedicated to those friends of mine who just broke up or are in a complicated relationship or have been single and looking for a new date. Whatever category from the above you fall in – this blog post is a must-read for all of you. Because I’ll be sharing some of the most interesting quarantine date ideas that will rekindle all the missing nerves of romance in your and your date’s life.

Date in Quarantine? Yes, absolutely! And especially for my single buddies out there, make the best use of this time and get on some of the best online dating sites like Mingle and get your game started. You can also use the top free online dating sites and try your best hand out. Remember that Corona can’t stop you from having those ultimate date experiences.

So, sharing with you guys a bunch of things that you can do with real or the online date, together or virtually and have a marvelous love life ahead –

Couples Can Use Quarantine date ideas during lockdown

1. Virtual Movie Dates  

Miss going on movie dates? Not anymore. Yes, you read it right. Both you and your partner can now watch the same movie/show at the same time, the same excitement without even staying in the same house. You can even continually chat and giggle about the happenings together. Yes, my friend, you can. All this is possible with the new Netflix Party extension, which is incredibly fun and simple to use. All it requires is a date and a link that you need to send him/her. If you already knew about this and didn’t try it, don’t waste a single second anymore. Call your new-found girl from the best dating site and take your online dating experience to the next level. Ask her out for this astounding virtual movie date, and I am sure she’ll be dazzled. 

And for those extra lucky ones who have got the chance to stay together this quarantine, it is the best opportunity for you to brighten that spark. Just set that projector up, pour in some wine, serve those delicious homemade starters and some pillows and blankets, with dim lights will do the job for you. 

2. Dinner dates

Again wondering how? Not to worry, I have the answers to all your questions, my friend. Dinner dates in quarantine will not just involve eating together but more importantly – COOKING TOGETHER. Because why the hell not. Discuss and buy the same ingredients and get on a video call and cook together. We all have used youtube to look for recipes at least thrice during this quarantine. So, why not try that new recipe together? Sounds fun, right? It is more fun to do in real. Not just will you be getting a delicious dish to eat at the end but also know how your date prefers their food to be.

After the whole cooking is done, you need to sit down on your finely set dining table with the meal you both have prepared and eaten and chat through it. Trust me, the food will taste yummier than ever before!

3. Play online games together

There are several games available out there. It’s entirely on you which kind to choose for yourself – the competitive one, the co-operative one or the simple, fun, easy, and accessible one. The possibility is endless. The online games may not involve a platform of speaking to each other so I would highly recommend downloading discord to speak verbally and hear to each other whilst playing online games. Remember that the key here is not gaming but interacting and building that connection forward. Having yourself on facetime and video calling is another great option to be involved in each other and not just be focused on playing. Playing online games with your date without any communication will just be like playing with any random person.  

Some games that you would enjoy playing remotely with your online date are – Jackbox games, Wiki wars, Portal 2, where communication is an absolute must to solve the puzzles, teamwork games will again play a major role in testing the compatibility and knowing each other better. 

4. Make a book club 

Read a book together and then organize a time to discuss that book. You can also take it one step further and read the book to your significant other, whilst on audio or a video call. This can be really, really cute. But, the twist here is that it does not necessarily have to be a book, The mindset that I want you to get into is consuming the same things together and discussing them. It might be a book, a web show, an article, or even a podcast episode that you’ve recently listened to. Share it with your dates and discuss your respective opinions on the same. 

There are times when all of you just want to see that face and hear that voice over call and do nothing, but this does get monotonous after a while when you don’t have new topics to talk about. To avoid such circumstances, this is an exceptional way to have intense discussions on topics that you like.

5. Music dates and Karaoke Nights

Love for music stays intact in all of us. Right ? And for some of us, it even is a big part of our relationships. We used to listen to music while going on long drives together or attending the music concerts of our favorite artists but not to worry.

So, if you haven’t already – then now is a great time to create a joint playlist. Creating private playlists on Spotify to using Apple Music for the same will serve the purpose here. Add your favorite pieces and enjoy the songs on your online dates.

There’s another option called – Group Sessions on Spotify that you can use to let your date have control of what music you listen to. Make him/her feel special by expressing your feelings through the song lyrics. This practice will surely bring smiles on each other’s faces, even without communicating. You’ll here be able to communicate every hidden message of yours to your date, which otherwise you would have been too shy to say.

Having Karaoke nights with each other while being on video calls will be a fun idea too. Explore the craziest sides of each other and fall in love with their real selves.  

There are a hundred other things that you can do apart from these and the usual zoom dates. Do the effort and win his/her heart for the rest of your lives. At last, do not forget to thank the platform or the dating site you met on!

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