Keep Your Partner In the Dark: How to Cheat and Not Get Caught

Are you in a toxic relationship that you can’t get out of right now? Do you feel like your partner hasn’t been making the effort they once were in your relationship?

Sometimes, there are valid reasons for cheating. It’s not like you should cheat just to cheat, or even out of spite if your partner has cheated on you. But, things come up in life that make cheating a reasonable choice.

There’s a big difference between deciding you want to be with someone on the side and knowing how to cheat and not get caught, though. If this is a choice you’re going to make – or already have made – you have to be smart.

Here are 5 tips on how to cheat without getting caught.

1. Don’t Mess Around with Your Partner’s Friends

Friends talk. Best friends tell each other everything. Even distant acquaintances aren’t afraid to speak up when they think something is wrong. So, if you cheat on your partner with one of their friends, you’re basically getting yourself caught from the start.

Even if the friend doesn’t say anything at first, it’s only a matter of time before other people in the group start noticing what’s going on. Or, the friend might end up with more guilt about the situation than you have and come clean to your partner, which is messy for everyone involved.

Avoid this at all costs. If you’re going to cheat, have the decency to keep it outside of you and your partner’s inner circle.

2. Don’t Leave Questionable Messages or Photos on Your Phone

Say you meet someone at a bar on boy’s/girl’s night or you happen to find an interesting person online. That’s better than cheating with a friend, but it can still get you caught if you’re not careful.

All of your interactions with this person need to be calculated. You can’t send them flirty texts then leave the texts available for your partner to see. In fact, it might be better to save their phone number with a decoy name in case they text you first.

Think about social media interactions and pictures you have on your phone, too. Don’t leave anything in your DMs that you wouldn’t want your partner to see and clean up your phone’s photo album as well.

The last thing you want is to think your cheating trail is covered only to have your partner find a sexy picture of someone else in your phone. Even the ones of you are questionable. Think about it: if your partner hasn’t seen those photos of you before, they’re going to have reason to ask why they’re in your phone in the first place.

3. Keep Quiet About Personal Information

Another part of not getting caught when you cheat is calculating what you share with the person on the side. You can’t tell them everything about your life because it may come back to bite you later. For instance, saying where you live or work creates a chance that this person may show up unannounced – and cross paths with your partner.

Personal information also tends to lead people on. A good tip for cheating is to let the other person know you’re in a relationship. This lets them know from the start that the two of you can’t get too serious.

4. Be Smart When Going Out

You may not have to disclose that you’re in a relationship if you’re just looking for a one night stand. This keeps all the information you share as basic as possible. It helps you get in and out of a situation without leaving a trail.

When cheating turns into an affair, though, you have to be even smarter. Pay for everything you do with the other person in cash. This way, there are no charges on your bill statements for your partner to raise suspicion about.

More so, don’t go to your regular spots in town. It would be really stupid to take your side-lover out and run right into the person you’re actually in a relationship with.

Speaking of the one you’re committed to, always have your story straight before going off to see the other person. Telling lies in a relationship puts you in a messy situation as-is. Getting caught in your lies with someone else is horrible for everyone.

5. Do All Your Cheating Online

Here’s a great way to not get caught while cheating: keep all of your hidden romance online. There’s not necessarily a need to be with another person in real life if you can find an attractive, exciting person over the internet.

Open an online dating account for yourself and apply all the rules mentioned above. To keep information basic, use white lies when creating your profile and maybe even a fake photo (not one that is actually of you). This covers your trail from the get-go.

Plus, online cheating eliminates the risk of your lover and your partner crossing paths. It also reduces the chance of the other person just showing up in your life – like at your workplace or home as mentioned above.

How to Cheat and Not Get Caught, Guaranteed

Here’s the real way to learn how to cheat and not get caught: don’t cheat! No matter the reason you’re thinking about cheating, it’s just not worth it. Ethics aside, you’re clearly not happy in your relationship if you want to cheat.

So, the best thing to do is end the situation you’re in right now and start fresh. Otherwise, you’re only asking to get caught and it’s not going to be pretty when you do. Set yourself and your partner free, then go off and find a new one.

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