“Prince Seeks Frog” – How to Create a Good Online Dating Profile

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If you have been a regular visitor of online dating sites like Mingle2, then you have seen all kinds of personal profiles. Some tell you too little, some say too much, some are cute, some are sincere, and many look just too good to be true (and probably are). When creating an online profile, you want to blow your own horn but without sounding conceited. If you are too self-effacing, no one will want to contact you. And if you claim to be able to bend steel with your bare hands, no one will believe you. You want to write a profile that is eye-catching and that captures the essence of who you are.

Here are a few tips on how to create the perfect online profile:


  • Keep it simple:

    1. You are looking for common ground with another individual, so don’t write your life story. Instead, offer some significant tidbits that set the stage, such as whether you are single, divorced or widowed? What do you do for a living? What do you do in your spare time? Try to keep your descriptor under 100 words, and throw in a few keywords that are important to you. The goal is to pique someone’s interest without giving them enough detail to rule you out as a potential date.


  • Keep it upbeat:

You want to be upbeat and positive. Talk about dreams and aspirations, without going overboard or being controversial. Remember, this is your dating CV and looking for your next romance can be a lot like looking for a job. And don’t brag about your major accomplishments, even if you won a decathlon or the Nobel Prize. Your dreams will make your interesting; you can talk about your accomplishments later when you meet. But listing a specific skill or endearing achievement, such as making terrific brownies or mastering the one-handed handstand, can make your profile more appealing.


  • Be honest:

And just as though you were looking for a job, don’t lie. Lies will be found out sooner or later so don’t boast you are a Ph.D. or rocket scientist when you are really a barista. Also, be honest about why you are looking for romance at this time.


  • Use humor judiciously:

You want to be upbeat and alluring, but trying to be funny can be challenging. Something you find funny others may find offensive. You can try to be self-deprecating or humble, but use humor carefully and wisely, and remember that a little bit of fun goes a long way. Your best bet is to craft a clever profile, using humor if you want, and then get one or two friends to review it to see if it hits the mark.


  • Be original:

Avoid cliches about moonlight walks on the beach or wine before the fire. They’re overused and don’t make you stand out. Instead, focus on things you are looking for that make you stand out. For example, if you like to cook, you might say you are looking for an appreciative gourmet you can cook for who enjoys strolling through the Farmer’s Market.


  • Use a great photo:

Use a photo where you are active, smiling (a recent poll reveals 96% of people prefer smiling to a sexy pout), and make eye-contact with the camera. Action photos work best for dating profiles, even if your face isn’t visible, and try to include some full-body shots to show you have nothing to hide.


  • Get a second opinion:

No one is a good judge of their own best characteristics. Ask a friend to review your profile and see if they think “it’s you.”

Once you have your online profile ready and posted, don’t be afraid to tinker with it. Updating your profile will keep it fresh and some terrific match may give it a second look, or it may show up in a new search. Don’t be afraid to experiment and refine your profile.


So what do you look for first when you look at someone’s dating profile? Are there phrases or characteristics that you seek out or that tell you to run the other direction? Tell us about the best (or worst) online profile you’ve seen.

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