How to be a star on Mingle2?

By L.a.

How to be famous on Mingle2
A queen on Mingle2

How long have you been on Mingle2? During that time, do you receive attention and nudges from other users?

No matter what are your answers, we strongly believe that this article will definitely work for you.

1. Do your own PR

Profile photo helps you bright
How to be a star on Mingle2

Many of you are thinking that “C’ mon! It’s a dating app, not a survival show.” Lol, but we think that it’s actually a survival love show. If you do own “PR” plan well, you can find your destiny easily. But if you do not,  you should turn the app off and look for other chances later.

It is very easy to PR yourself on Mingle2, all you need to do is to just focus on your avatar and profile.

a, Profile Photo/ Avatar

Obviously, everyone loves beauty, so the first tip for you is to make your photo eye-catching.

On Mingle2, you upload your avatar from the Gallery on your phone or from Facebook. So, you have a lot of time to make your photo shine.

I highly recommend that you use the photo editor applications. Of course, I don’t advocate that you use them to cheat other people or to create an image that is completely fake. I want you to use it in the correct way. You don’t need to do too much such as photoshop your face, your body. All you need to is just to change the background, the brightness, contrast… If the background is dark, make it bright. If the color doesn’t make you and your face outstanding, use a filter.

A useful tip for you is that if you don’t know what app you should use,  I highly recommend Instagram or VSCO.

Also, you should use Mingle2 like a social network where you want to make more friends and have a lot of secret fans by uploading as many photos as possible as well as changing them regularly.

A statistic of Mingle2 showed that users who change their profile photos at least once every two weeks received more reaction and interaction from other users than those who don’t.

b, Profile information

On Mingle2, users don’t need to fulfill all of their info that we ask but you should write enough information that you are comfortable with sharing. However, please remember to be honest about yourself.

The more information you provide, the more opportunity you have for meeting your true love because the app will suggest the potential matches effectively.  

2. Marketing yourself

How to be a star on Mingle2
Be famous on Mingle2 dating app

After creating a successful PR plan, it’s time to find your partner.

a, Be active in the chatroom

We all know that love does not come easy. Relationship takes work. Love takes work. The fact that you have to find someone to fall in love with. Luckily, there are tons of people on Mingle2, so you don’t need to go so far away. Instead, all you need to do is to just join the rooms such as Meet Local, New Users Say Hi, Hangout Chat, Asian Chat, World Chat… and chat with the Mingle2 community.

However, you should be literally active.

Instead of entering the chatroom saying “Hi”, “Hello” and then do nothing more, I highly recommend that you should swipe up the screen to understand what other users are talking about and then ask for participation politely. Don’t worry, Mingle2 users are definitely easy going and they are willing to make new friends and chat with you.

Chatting in the rooms is also an excellent opportunity to have a general view of your potential matches. You can recognize if you both can be harmonious or not to consider the next move.

After analyzing the data on Mingle2, we conclude that the more users are active in the rooms, the more nudges and messages they receive. As a result, the percentage of finding love of active users will be higher.

b, Seek for your own opportunities

Besides being active in the chatrooms, you should create your own opportunities. If you find someone attractive, be brave to say Hi to them, give them compliments…After some texts, boldly text him/her first in the private chat.

Here are some very useful tips for the conversation with your matches.

3. Sell yourself

How to be a star on Mingle2
How to be famous on Mingle2 dating app

Whoa! If you are in this stage, congratulations! But there’s still a long way to go.

Now, you have to go and attract that person by using some skills. You don’t need to do too much, just be who you are because sincerity is the key to love.

Before we end this blog, there’s one final advice we like to share on today’s topic. If you are a man, don’t tell her that you love her after a few messages. For women, it feels too untrustworthy.

In 2018, we carried out a random survey on Mingle2 female users, most of them agreed that they didn’t want to have the next steps with men who say “I love you” so early.

Love is step by step. You respect what you invest effort in, right?

Hope you can find your love on Mingle2 soon!

2 comments On How to be a star on Mingle2?

  • Hello, I looked all around but I DID NOT find live chats anywhere! Can somebody send a link on that live chats?
    I found only lists of people but some real chats at present time just do not exist or I do not see where they hiden!?
    Hope for help,

    • Hi Tamara!

      Thank you for using our app.

      As for your concern, We checked it on our system, but we didn’t get the same issue. Might you be up for taking a screenshot of that? It would be a huge help if I can compare it to what I see on my end.

      By the way, We haven’t added LIVECHAT into the app yet. But I think it’s an awesome idea! Having it would be good to improve users’ experience in the app.
      We’re not working on that at the moment but I’ll pitch to our technical team and see what they think.

      Please contact us at if you have any other question, just let us know and We’ll be happy to help. And have a fantastic day!


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