Where there is love, there are no barriers

By L.a.

In the past, we had a topic talking about the distance in a relationship. Surprisingly, we received a lot of reactions and opinions about that topic. Most of them agree that distance doesn’t matter when love is true.

It’s absolutely right. In today’s blog, I’ll introduce to you some love stories that prove love is just about the heart. It is not a matter of age, ethnicity, distance or social class.

Let’s get started with part one of two.

Age gap relationship

Where there is love, there are no barriers
Edna and Simon- 38-year age gap

Besides the famous couple Mr. Emmanuel Macron and the First Lady Brigitte Trogneux, there are a lot of couples with a huge age gap.

For this topic, I want to tell the story about Edna and Simon – a couple with a 38-year age gap.

The pair shared on Dailymail that they met each other in 2003 at an organ concert. They shared that they immediately were in love with each other at first sight.

However, Edna refused her feelings. She thought that she should let a young man like Simon meet a girl who is his own age.

In addition, Edna was even older than Simon’s parents. Edna was still a mom, she never thought that she could let her children married to someone who was older than her before.

Whereas, Simons, who was just 30 years old at that time, was still a bachelor and a talented organist. It could be said that he had a bright future ahead of him.

Reaction ranged from disbelief to disgust. Edna was painted as a batty biddy, a lascivious old lady desperate to recapture her lost youth. Simon was labeled a pervert, a naive idiot.

However, it was just the love story of two lovers.

Simon proved his sincere love for Edna. Simon mentioned on Mirror that at the first days, they spoke on the phone for five hours a night, and he would play Goodnight Sweetheart on the organ down the receiver to Edna. But then, he quit his job to move in with Edna because he wanted to be closer to her.

Edna confessed that Simon made her feel young again.  Not only did Edna find him sexy, he did something which is important to most women, make her laugh.

Simon also admitted that if anything happened to Edna, I would look after her.

Simon proposed at 2.50am that Valentine’s Day 2014. Their happy ending came more than one year later, in July 2005, when they got married. At that time, Edna was 70 years old and her husband- Simon, was just  32 years old.

“I know we might look a little different, but to us, we’re just like any other couple in love,” explains Simon.

Although many doubted their relationship would go the distance, they definitely made people think twice.

“Our relationship is deeper now. We’re stronger together. And there’s still a wild physical attraction between us”, says Edna on Closer magazine.

Long-distance relationship

Long distance relationship of an Australian lady and American man
Long distance relationship

This kind of love is exactly described by Simple Plan’s song “Jet Lag”

You say good morning when it’s midnight

Going out of my head, alone in this bed

I wake up to your sunset, and it’s driving me mad“.

Megan, from Australia and Mike, from the USA knew each other when they traveled to Africa. After a very harmonious conversation with each other, they knew that they had to say goodbye and go their separate ways. Luckily, they swapped emails and phone numbers before leaving Africa. And then, their love story started.

“However, it was not easy to cool the two hearts on fire. Consequently, there would have some troubles” Megan laughs.

She revealed that during that time, they encountered a lot of issues. She sometimes felt jealous when she saw Mike shared something new about his life on social media. She wished that she was with him at that time.

“Moreover, you will be lonely, insecure and so on negative feelings”, she adds.

How to make a long-distance relationship work? Megan answered on her blog that:

“I firmly believe that you can make anything work if you want to. It’s that simple. If you truly want something to work, and you put everything you have into it.”

Megan shared that in spite of a different time zone, she and Mike always tried to keep in touch with each other. Most of the time they sent messages, but at the weekend, they spent the whole day to face time.

“Sometimes, we just facetime to see the other sleep” she laughed out loud.

She mentioned that Mike is a romantic guy. After coming back home from Africa and fitting back into “reality”, roses arrived for her on the first day back at work.

He never forgot any special days.

In addition, they both loved traveling, so they often met up with each other around the world.

Megan informed the secret key to keep their relationship was that the couple never listened to the negativity.

“Listen to what your friends and family have to say, sure, but thank them for their opinion and continue living your life”, she indicated.

There were so many ups and downs during the past three years of long-distance love, their wedding was finally held in Hawaii.

Regarding this kind of relationship, we also have a famous love story on Mingle2 site which is about Papillone a 52 years old Russian woman living in the USA, Daksydog a 66 years old man in France. They found their love in other-half of the world when they are in middle age.

Hope with these two stories, you will have more encouragement to go and find your true love wherever they are in the world.

The next part is expected to bring you and those who broke up back into love.

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