Secret Tips to Becoming a Ladies Man

How to be a ladies man

Are you a ladies man and a romance champion only in your head? Do you fantasize about making women swoon but fall short of the mark in real life? Have you ever felt absolutely clueless about what a woman finds romantic? Have you made an idiot of yourself at least once and feel like you just don’t get how it’s done?

Unless you’re a full-blown narcissist, being romantic and making the right kinds of romantic gestures is important to you, even if you aren’t sure how to smoothly go about it. Don’t fret: learning to be romantic is a skill anyone with enough ambition can learn. With a little time, some good observational skills, and some sincere practice, you’ll eventually get the hang of it and discover your unique romantic intelligence.

Women can be downright scary and confusing (even if they are sometimes unconscious of the fact), but most of them are still a sucker for a guy who treats them well and admires them for who they are. Whether you’re just getting to know a woman or you’re in a long-term relationship, romantic gestures are almost always appreciated. Just making the effort is something women consider romantic.

To help you along on your pathway to becoming a Don Juan, here are five tips to winning attention from women and becoming a natural ladies man. Adapt these romantic gestures to your personality and situation as needed.

5 Romantic Gestures for the Romantically Clueless Man

Listen and Commiserate

Women sometimes like to vent about things that happen. The act of just saying it out loud and expressing appropriate disgust/awe/annoyance/anger/joy is usually enough to release tension. A beginning romantic gesture for you would be to listen carefully, respond when appropriate, and then DO NOT TRY TO OFFER A SOLUTION. Just accept that there is no solution, even if a solution is obvious. Unless she asks you specifically for a solution, just listen. And put the phone down!

Surprise Her with a Small but Meaningful Gift

Has she expressed a liking for something in particular? Do you have some sort of inside joke? Have you seen something that reminds you of her? A small gift that has meaning is both non-threatening and romantic. Keep it simple and inexpensive, but take the time to wrap it for the final romantic touch.

Offer to Participate in an Activity She Finds Interesting

It could be a sport, a hobby, or something excruciatingly boring like shopping, but trying it out with your honey (and doing so with an open mind and no complaints) will make her feel special.

Be Encouraging

Women usually respond very well to sincere words of encouragement. You know she’s strong and can do anything she puts her mind to, so let her know. Look her in the eyes, smile, and tell her how wonderful she is. You can ramp up the romantic factor by giving specific examples of things you like about her or that you admire about her spirit. As long as you are sincere and not condescending, your words will be very welcome.

Physical Displays of Affection

If your sweetie likes to hold your hand or cuddle, don’t wait for her to initiate public or private physical displays of affection. We’re not talking sex here, either (which is a topic for another post). Reaching for her hand, putting your arm around her, hugging her from behind, and even a tender kiss or two in front of friends are all things many women find very romantic. Don’t expect all such displays to lead to sex. Let the physical affection stand on its own most of the time so that she feels delighted in the fact that you enjoy non-sexual touch, too.

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