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Creating a sexy online dating headline helps demonstrate your readiness for a romantic relationship, however, you don’t want to go overboard and look desperate. If you need help creating the perfect headline, we have you covered with our sexiest headlines.

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While people still hook up at bars, parties, parks, and even rallies, more and more people are switching to online dating to satisfy their needs for intimacy. Online dating is becoming the most preferred solution for finding romance.

However, online dating is not as easy as it seems. Being good-looking and astonishingly attractive is not enough to guarantee success in online dating websites. That’s where ‘dating headlines’ become important. Like the everyday news headline, dating headlines indicate who is worth checking out and who isn’t. You may be the sexiest person alive and never find anyone to share that sexiness with because of a wrong or poorly optimized headline.

If you’re new to online dating, then the first thing you should do is find a reputable online dating website, create a profile, upload a good photo of yourself and smash it with a killer sexy headline. Your profile photo and headline help to create a first impression.


“Are you the one?”

While this may not be the sexiest headline available, it still expressly states your availability. Being available and expressly stating it is considered sexy to quite a number of people. Not having to worry about the trajectory of your response is a great turn-on for most people.

Notwithstanding the simplicity of this headline, it also has its complexity, which is a bonus for you. “Are you the one” forces the prospective suitor to think hard about your compatibility, thereby, eliminating the need for you to strenuously filter different suitors. The added advantage of this headline is that both male and female users can use it.

“Can you make my dreams come true? 😉”

Unlike the first headline, this one screams sexy. This headline is great because it clearly describes your intentions, without an atom of vagueness.

Nevertheless, it also features a sex pun. This headline clearly states what you’re searching for in a relationship and does the job of filtering other users for you. Use this headline with a sexy profile photo and get ready for your inbox to get flooded with plenty of messages.

“Come sweep me off my feet”

This headline tends towards romantic than sexy, but it still does the job of attracting the right target market. It indicates that you desire a serious relationship with the next person that comes into your life and not just a fling. Whoever clicks on your profile is, therefore, ready to dazzle and amaze you, either by words or gifts.

“Come sweep me off my feet” carries a strong tone, an indication that you’re certain of your needs and wouldn’t settle for anything less. It also communicates a willingness to fall in love in a short time and limits the attraction to the sphere of romance. While this headline can be effective, it can also pose a danger. If you’re not careful, a corny person can take advantage of your sweet romantic heart, so be careful.

“Patiently waiting for my prince charming”

This is a great headline for women looking to throw themselves, in a good way, out there. It can also be effective for gay men looking to fill the feminine part of a romantic relationship. A Prince charming embodies someone who’s courageous, attractive, strong, kind, considerate, and chivalrous. A Prince charming is a perfect lover, the fantasy of every woman.

Online dating websites are notorious for being hookup platforms, a place for one-night stands with low expectations, but some amazing loving couples started their love life on those platforms. The advantage of such a headline is that it immediately repels users looking for nothing serious, leaving you with those that fit most of your descriptions. However, a perfect lover is in low supply and can mostly be found in novels and fairytales. So, never expect to have your demands met unless you’re ready to wait a long time or forever. 

“Care to become an exotic dog owner”

This is a great sexy headline, with the best indicators that describe how sexy you’re built or what you’re willing to do in a relationship. With this headline, you’ll have the opposite sex queuing in your inbox, waiting with well-crafted messages to sweep you off your feet. Another advantage of this headline is its subtle directness.

Contradicts itself ye? No, you never want to sound desperate and at the same time, you want to express your intentions. This headline is a nice respectable common ground.

“I hold no reservations about spanking you”

This headline is great at communicating to other users about your openness to more exciting sexual activities. The world of sex and romance is quickly adapting new means to spice up the relationship between couples, doing away with old and conventional means.

And since such adaptations have been successful, more people now prefer them. But not everyone is bold enough to state such a request. Don’t be shy with your headlines and watch how the god of romance favors you beyond your expectations.

“I’m the bad girly mama warned you about”

Mothers generally want sweet girls for their sons-partners who’ll do anything to make them happy and do everything in a conventional way, not taking risks. But bad girls on the other hand are more intriguing, have an acute sexual experience. And they are ready to break anyone’s heart.

However, in this case, you’re only focused on being intriguing and introducing the boy to some crazy stuff without request. Contrary to popular traditional belief, men want women who’d take charge or women who wouldn’t be opposed to freaky sexual activities.

Stating that ‘you’re the bad girl his mama warned him about’ will certainly attract him towards you as he’s certain to have a good time with you. So, don’t hold and throw this headline on your profile.

“Hey, that’s a sexy brain you got there! Sapiosexual zombie here”

A sapiosexual is someone attracted to intelligent people or generally mental qualities as opposed to the body. Adding your preference for sapiosexuals indicates your desire for intelligent people. But the inclusion of ‘sapiosexual zombie’ shows that you’re ready for some freaky stuff. 


A Sexy Headline is the best way to achieve immediate results in an online dating platform. Because it expressively, without reservations, states your intentions, and communicates your purpose on the platform with other users.

So, don’t be shy and learn to get creative. You can choose from the above-listed headlines or go beyond is your sexiness. Try it now on Mingle2 dating site!

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