The Intriguing World of Sugar Babies

Being a sugar baby is often a very misunderstood profession. There are a lot of things people assume about sugar dating which is simply not true. Some people are quick to demonize the profession. But what we found is that most often it is a lot like any other service industry role. Please keep reading if you wish to know about the intriguing world of sugar babies and sugar daddies!

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A sugar baby must encompass a lot of beauty, charm, brains, and wit… If she wishes to secure an allowance of that magnitude. (Photo by Дарья Шелкович from Pexels)

Sugar Baby Summit

First, let’s take a look at a Sugar Baby Summit. This is where girls learn how to meet sugar daddies. “Spice things up in the bed” is one of those things that they need to learn. Sugar babies easily make 3000 pounds a month plus numerous gifts and holidays to beautiful sun-soaked islands. A sugar baby must be very beautiful, charming, and have brains and wit if she wishes to earn the big bucks!

This event is being run by an arrangement website and is aimed at teaching tricks of the trade in the world of sugar. The event asks 99 dollars and it offers lessons on how to meet and keep S.D’s or Sugar Daddies, staying safe, and how to have fun in bed. The summit had attracted sugar daddies and sexperts from all across the globe! There were about 200 delegates who mostly looked like young spritely college students in their late twenties at max. It was a mix of eclectic personalities and women from various walks of life.

Personal Experiences

Natalie Wood was a 32-year-old beautician from London. She was there to meet her New York Sugar Daddy for the very first time. She discloses that her man is not a looker per se but did bring her a Louis Vuitton bag. Natalie told us that she loves dating sugar daddies because they are usually ambitious and know exactly what they want. Her New York man had actually proposed to her 3 different times in 24 hours! Sugar babies want a man who is successful and don’t only look at men’s wallets! The men need to be smart as well as rich!

Another sugar baby tells us that she was hoping to meet a Christian Grey type! Most of the men found at the summit were at least 60 years old. She was possibly not going to be lucky! Many sugar babies fondly recalled moments when they found out that their Sugar Daddy was indeed a legal senior citizen. Natalie told us that she and her former sugar daddy went to the Empire State Building and he handed over a senior citizen card to get a discount!

Sara was a former sugar baby but now just gives out expert advice. She told us about the oldest guy she ever dated who was 75 years old! She told us that she would see him every weekend and age was never really a problem. A sugar daddy is usually a well-traveled man who may or may not be married but is usually always alone and lonely.

Is There a Dark side?

But what exactly is a Sugar Baby? Is it just a young attractive woman who enjoys the finest of things that life has to offer? Or is it more nefarious and a gateway to prostitution? A murky and dark world glamorized by the gifts of fancy dinners, holidays, and luxury bags. There are a lot of preconceived notions and misconceptions regarding this topic but a sugar baby is definitely not a prostitute! It is a mutually beneficial relationship between two consenting adults who know exactly what they want. All the women we met were more than charming and very ambitious and entrepreneurial.

We attended a panel hosted by sugar daddies discussing and giving advice to aspiring Sugar Babies about the subject of money. Waiting until the third date until bringing up money was the general consensus. The panel also went on to tell us that sugar babies should never get drunk on a first date. They should always be well presented, dress very feminine, and be able to hold an engaging conversation. Acting like a lady is also always a bonus! Other seminars included tips on how to have kinkier fun in bed. People known as kink educators were there to take people’s bedroom experiences from mild to wild. Sugar babies should start slow and then work up their way to something kinkier.

Some Stats

There are girls who absolutely love the lure of a glamorous lifestyle and it overrides everything else. Many girls have been using such websites for many years and have met hundreds of sugar daddies. Natalie went on to tell us that she had even been on a date with 3 different sugar daddies in 1 day! The easy influx of money and gifts is very enticing and for minimal work, girls can make a lot of money. The world of sugar babies is hence very saturated and competitive. It is natural since all of the girls have the same aim and there just are not enough sugar daddies for everyone!

Some facts we came across were that sugar babies usually have an average age of 26. A sugar daddy meanwhile is usually 43 years of age on average and are usually a CEOs or entrepreneurs. The average salary of a sugar daddy is usually about 105k a year and a sugar baby can make around 2k pounds per month!

So from what we can tell, the world of sugar babies is truly fascinating. It is a highly competitive space with many young, beautiful, ambitious, and smart girls try and find a sugar daddy. The sugar daddy is supposed to fulfill her every desire as well as fill the need for companionship that he feels. It is a win-win situation and there is nothing shady about this at all. 



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