How to Know If He Is Into You?

How to tell if he is into you? It is a very common question that bugs a lot of women at some point in their dating journey. As a woman, you might like him but you are not aware if he also has the same feeling inside his heart. Thus, making you go crazy and thinking whether he is into you or not. Having said that, it is not that difficult to know if your dating partner likes you. The actions of your partner are more than enough to know.

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“He loves me. He loves me not. How many flowers must I kill before he loves me?” (Photo by Jonathan Andrew from Pexels)

In this article, we will discuss some of the signs that show your dating partner has feelings for you as well:

1. He reaches out first

It is one of the straightforward signs that he is into you. If he likes you, he will always text or call you first. There is a reason he is texting and calling you and initiating a conversation with you. Maybe he wants to engage with you, maybe he wants to hear your voice or maybe he gets charged up after speaking with you. Whatever may be the reason – if he is texting and calling you – then he is into you for all the good reasons.

2. Making Plans 

If he is thinking to have a meaningful relationship with you, then he will make a genuine effort to see you and will make real plans. Therefore, if he is putting the effort and making plans to meet up, then it is a good sign that shows he is into you. Of course, this does not involve plans of meeting at 2 AM in the night. If he is into you, he will ask you out and not in. All he would want to do is spend some quality time with you. 

3. He Is Happy Around You

If he looks anxious and stressed around you then it is not a good sign. However, a guy who is into you also feels good around you. Most men feel inclined towards something that makes them feel good and happy. Therefore, if he feels happy around you, he would want to spend more and more time with you. Having said that, if he often smiles and makes eye contact with you, then you know he is feeling happy and is into you. 

4.  Cues from Body Language

If the guy is into you, then his entire body language will shout it loudly for you. From head to toe, it will be written all over his body. For instance, he will lean in when you speak, he will find excuses to touch you, he will make eye contact with you, and might even angle his feet towards you. And of course, he will smile a lot when he is around you. Keep an eye on him and pay attention to his body language.

5. He Listens To What You Have To Say

If he is into you then he will genuinely make efforts to know more about you. He will show that he is interested in you and your life. Moreover, he will also remember all the small and big details about your life that you have shared previously. He might also ask for an update on the situation during your next meeting. Of course, keeping looking at his body language when you two are speaking to each other. If he is listening to you carefully, he will also make eye contact with you. 

6. You Have a Presence in His Life

When you are dating the wrong man, he will compartmentalize you from his personal life. He will have a different life from you. For instance, he might talk about his family and friends with you. But he will never take you to meet them and get an introduction for yourself. When a guy likes you, he would you to know more about his life. It means that he will let you in, on his personal life and will also take you to meet with people who are close to him. Therefore, if you do not have a presence in his personal life then it is not a good sign. 

7. He Tells What He Likes About You

When a guy is into you, he will always tell you what he likes about you. From your looks to your personality and intelligence – your partner will a conscious effort to let you know that he likes these things about you. Of course, not all men are vocal. As a result, their way of articulation will be different. For instance, some men will say that you look gorgeous. While others will say that you look nice when picking you up for the date. However, if he is making an effort, then he is into you. 

Final Thoughts

When you start dating on dating sites, you want to be sure that you are dating the right guy. Thus, you often ask yourself if he is into you. And this question can take a toll on you and your brain. However, several signs show he is into you. If he is doing one or more of the above-discussed signs, then most probably he likes you and wants to have a serious relationship with you. Thus, keep your eyes wide open and look for those subtle signs. You will find your answer sooner rather than later. 


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