Crazy Online Dating Headline Examples

Online dating is currently on the rise thanks to the ongoing pandemic that has limited our physical interactions. If you have decided to also try it, the headline is an important section when you creating your profile, which if you get it right, will significantly increase your chance of landing a date immediately. Maybe a crazy headline would help in this case.

This small section in your online dating profile is like the headline of a blog post or a news article, reading it is enough to tell if the person is interesting or not. Think about the posts that catch your attention when you search for something on Google or scrolling through your online dating sites. You are likely to click and open the one with the most fascinating headlines, and that is similar to how online dating works. 

When going through profiles, about 8 of our 10 ladies will read your dating headline, but only 1 out of 10 will take time to read your entire dating profile. 

Thus, this is the secret to success in online dating, if you have a catchy and crazy headline, more suitors will check you out.

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“Looking for my Netflix & Chill”

We love this crazy headline because it is short, clever, and straight to the point. It is both a funny and bold headline because it subtly tells a suitor that you just looking for something on online dating with no strings attached, just a fleeting fling. 

But there’s an underlying message – maybe when enjoying each other’s company watching thrilling movies and shows, something might happen that will turn your ‘no string attach’ thing into something more. “Netflix and chill” is an Internet slang term used either as an invitation to watch Netflix together or as a euphemism for some form of sex. Besides, it is a phrase that is intertwined in our contemporary culture. 

“I will carve our names in a tree…to let you know I have knives”

This headline will genuinely appeal to either a man or a woman who likes firearms and hunting. You don’t even need to be a cold arms enthusiast to appreciate this headline. If you put this on your profile, people might be curious and say hi just to see if you are actually that dangerous in person. It is a crazy and intriguing bio!

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good”

People love bad girls or bad boys and there is no better way to put it out there that you are a bad boy or bad girl than using this catchy headline. But there is more to this crazy headline than meets the eyes. It is a Harry Potter reference, and thus any fan of the franchise in the house will definitely drop you a DM. Use a quote from your favorite movie, song, or novel, chances are someone else is a fan of the same movie, song, or novel. 

“Seeking someone to … with”

This headline tells your potential suitors what exactly you are looking for and thus it helps filter out unnecessary profiles. It gives you a window to say what you need in a potential relationship, for instance, if you are looking for a long-term thing, you can say “seeking someone to raise a family with” or something else along those lines. Or it can be that you are looking for someone to go mountain climbing with, thus you get to add your hobby or your fun activities, which can be eye-catching to a potential date.

“I am sweet, ambitious, and thoughtful”

According to a study, profiles that included the phrases “sweet, ambitious, and thoughtful” had more than 45% more approaches than those that didn’t have those words. By using these words, you are describing your outstanding attributes. With that being said, there feminine and masculine words that you can use to describe yourself, so keep that in mind.  

“Willing to lie about how we met”

This is a hand-down of one of the funniest headlines you can come up with for your dating profile. Everyone is attracted to a funny person and science backs this claim too. Though not everyone will get your humor, the ones that do will slide into your profile and start a conversation. Making someone laugh wins you half the battle, plus you will make a great first impression.

“I have an MBA, love tacos, and am looking for someone to play video games with”

The genius of this headline is that it balances perfectly between whom you are and what you are looking for. According to research, the ideal ratio for a great headline for online dating is 70:30. This means you should use the headline section to say a few things about you and what you want succinctly, this way, you will draw the attention of the potential date. When creating a headline using the 70:30 rule, be careful not to use excess words. 


Hope this article will inspire you to come up with your own great crazy headline to increase massively the chance of people checking your profile! Thank you for reading!

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