Using Feng Shui to Help You Attract Love

Using Feng Shui to Help You Attract LoveWe’re not talking mysticism and magic here. Feng shui, an ancient Chinese discipline going back thousands of years, is used for many different purposes throughout Asia and the world, including in home decorating. Think of it as a way to prime your subconscious to accept and look for opportunities you desire, whether it’s wealth, health, or, in our case here, love and romance.

A true feng shui practitioner will use the compass points or a Bagua (energy map) to locate key elements and colors throughout your living space, but anyone can do a simplified version of feng shui to attract romance.

The best place to use feng shui to attract love is in your bedroom. Your bedroom is an intimate place where you spend 1/3 or more of your life sleeping, reading, watching television, enjoying time with a partner, or even working (if you have an office located in your bedroom). It’s a place where you should feel safe and comfortable, where you are most at home. Therefore, focusing on your bedroom when you want to attract the kind of love that allows you to feel safe and comfortable makes sense.

The Bed

If your bed is squished into a corner or covered with junk or clothes so that only one person can sleep in it, you are unconsciously eliminating a possible special someone from your life. If possible, move your bed so that there is space on either side, and keep your bed free from piles of anything. If you can, buy a queen bed, so even if you are sleeping in it alone, you are open to the possibility of someone else being able to comfortably sleep in it with you.

The Room

Even if your room is small and cramped, you can still plan it to be comfortable for two people. That second person is only fictional at this point, but treat your room as if you are sharing it right now. Place nightstands at each side of the bed and keep the room clean and tidy. If you have room for seating, include two chairs or a loveseat instead of one chair. 

The Artwork

Art pieces such as paintings or sculptures should not reflect loneliness or being solitary. Include artwork that is in colors you love and depicts happiness, togetherness, or a willingness to meet someone special.

Bring Your Daydream to Life

What does it look like to be in a relationship with someone amazing? What does it smell like? Feel like? Use your imagination to visualize the perfect relationship you want and then bring in some of the scents, textures, and sounds that bring that daydream to life. Use essential oils, images, colors, and even bedding to reflect that daydream.

As you create a bedroom that could be shared, you are also consciously and subconsciously opening yourself up to the possibility of finding true and abiding love. This will help you begin seeing opportunities that you might previously have overlooked. If you believe in energy attraction, sending out an energy signature of readiness for love will help you attract that love. In any case, by starting a Mingle2 profile, you are putting yourself in a position to meet tons of exciting, interesting singles right away. Head over to our Home page to get started, and then buy a can of paint to freshen up your bedroom and give you an energy boost for love.

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