What it takes to sustain an online relationship

All things in life are connected to one another, and talking of human beings, connection is the way of life. The irresistible urge to belong to or own someone/something is what makes life interconnected. Given this inherent need for relatedness and belonging, every human being has to learn how to maintain relationship, even if it is online dating.

In this age, everything is moving fast from traditional to digital ways of operating them, and relationships are not excluded. However, even a physical relationship doesn’t obviate the necessary need for much work and dedication, time and whatnot. Online dating sites remain one of the best places to meet your perfect match – there are even several LDS dating sites being created regularly for LDS singles to meet their spouse who would have the same belief with them. However, it is more crucial to know that to maintain online dating, almost everything that anchors the physical relationship is necessarily needed, if not even more. 

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Let’s take a look at some tips on what it takes to sustain an online relationship:

  • Communication:

Before anything, you have to believe that online dating takes a lot of work. Even after LDS singles meet their perfect matches in some of the best LDS dating sites, they still have other works to do to keep that perfect match. Because physicality covers a stretch of work in a relationship. By seeing the person you love, it’s very easy to fall in love at every sight of them. You get to see their newly-bought t-shirt or gown,  latest wristwatch, and many more things that can contribute to you falling in love more. Their sense of dressing gets an opportunity to sweep you off your feet in admiration, and don’t forget that admiration is essential in a relationship. LDS singles can also easily fall in love more when they find someone who is strongly a partisan of their beliefs. However, online dating is bereft of almost all of these. Unless, of course, you make it happen. You must have asked how. Communication is the way; lots of it. For example, the only way LDS singles (Latter-day Saints singles) in search of partners in LDS dating sites can be sure a person is a devoted Mormon and strong believer of the movement of John Smith is through communication.

There are many ways to which the ship of communication in online dating could be steered and LDS singles can learn a lot from it. Thanks to the vast availability and competence of technology, there are numerous social media applications through which online dating can be sustained, which are available for both LDS singles and non-LDS singles. Ranging from the almighty Facebook to Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and of course, online dating platforms (some are dedicated to LDS singles, and are known as LDS dating sites). Make sure you are active every time because that will save both of you unwanted headaches in your relationship. Any social media application can be used as an online dating platform, and through it, you can easily get to see your partner almost every time.

You can easily follow each other on every platform on which the other is an avid user. Ask what websites your partner visits (LDS singles who meet their partners in LDS dating sites may continue using only the platform). Add up their friends; everything that will give you the ample opportunity of getting to see them doing something. That will make you happy in online dating, just as it will in a physical relationship.

  • Time:

Which comes first, “the chicken or the egg?”It means, as an essential unstinted connection is to online dating, time is almost equally important, if not more. LDS dating sites will only help you find your spouse – the rest is left to you. In online dating, you will have to dedicate a significant portion of your time to the goodness of your relationship. That’s why it’s easier in a physical relationship that much of these will not be needed. Love is so beautiful that it can’t be stopped because of the gaping distance between two lovers. Put in the time in online dating, and as long as your partner put in, too, you both will continue to be on a good path from the day of meeting in LDS dating sites or normal dating sites till forever.

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  • Physicality:

What does that mean for LDS singles and non-LDS singles who have just met their partners online? It means there should be some periods in your connectedness in which you see each other no matter the distance. Be it planned dates or video calls.  Send each other beautiful pictures – LDS singles who just met their partners can also send gifts that may even prove to their partners how much of a devoted Latter-day Saints they are. When you go to see a movie, video-record it and send it to your partner. The partner you just had through one of the LDS dating sites you visit may just be a movie lover like you who loves to see movies with you, but distance has been a barrier. When you are running in the morning, make voice calls and let your partner listen to your breath and pulsation of your heart as you run the streets. It gives the feeling of physical closeness, even though it is online dating. Sometimes, a video call is what it takes to make you elated. You need to understand that you are no longer part of the group of LDS singles, and you should try all in your power to sustain your relationship, so you don’t go back to the group of LDS singles. These may be part of little silly things that give you butterflies in your stomach.

  • Romance:

When this pops up in a talk, almost everyone thinks of physical intimacy like unexpected hugs and unaware of flying kisses. This makes them easily conclude that there is no such thing as romance in online dating. Whereas, little things like jokes can be romantic, too. You searched on LDS dating sites for so long and you finally got a partner on one of these LDS dating sites, why shouldn’t you crack jokes to make this partner happy, especially when you know you are good at it. When you bump at something that really cracks you up, share it with them. If you are lucky, they would find it funny, too. And if not, they will be happy that you give them the feeling of knowing that a certain thing made you happy. The partner you met in one of those LDS dating sites will definitely think highly of you.

  • Healthy mindset:

This comprises many things. Honesty, loyalty, sincerity, trust, and openness. Be it a physical relationship or online dating, it starts from getting to know each other really well from the moment you meet in one of the normal or LDS dating sites you visit. Engage them in intimate talks about what they think about love right from the LDS dating sites, and about what it means to them. Is it just a six-month attraction to you or lifetime togetherness? – these are questions that should start from the LDS dating sites. Ask them from the LDS dating sites what they plan to get from the relationship. LDS singles should know that it is easier to put in the work only with a good and healthy mindset from both parties. No relationship, be it a physical relationship or strictly based on LDS dating sites, will thrive if one person is merely attracted while the other strongly visions forever togetherness. LDS singles should understand that it is easier to fight through the pangs and heartaches in online dating when you know you are both working tirelessly to stay with each other.

When the mindset is healthy and mutual, all things that strengthen online dating will come at their will. You will be honest unflinchingly right from the days on the LDS dating sites. You will be loyal after years of dating and communicating through LDS dating sites. Lastly, you will be there for each other at times of need, even if it is a little talk of motivation.

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