Top Reasons Online Dating is Better than Dating in Person

There can be a lot of stigmas attached around dating apps and online dating in general. Some people even hide the fact that they have an online dating profile at all. There’s no reason to be embarrassed or ashamed about looking for love online and I’ll tell you exactly why: online dating is better than dating in person. You may think that sounds far-fetched but hear me out. Keep reading to find out the top reasons online dating is better than dating in person!

online dating - a new way to find love

No More Waiting for Someone to Approach You

It’s fun to go out to nightclubs and bars to socialize, flirt, and meet new people. However, going out to these places to try and find someone to date adds a lot more stress. In fact, it can even ruin the entire experience altogether. If you don’t get approached by someone or don’t catch the attention of the one you’re eyeing, it can put a damper on the night. It can also leave you feeling bad about yourself. Often times, someone was eyeing you, too, and you likely didn’t notice and they were too shy to approach you as well. It happens all of the time. The fear of rejection alone can cause us to shrivel away and not want to approach anyone.

That’s why dating apps and free dating sites are now the preferred methods of seeking out a date. No more will you have to worry about waiting for someone to approach you or building up the nerve to approach someone else. With online dating, there is no risk involved. You can “approach” people you are interested in by sampling like their profile or sending them a message. You’ll also find that you get approached more often with online dating as well.

Online Dating Means No Need to Guess if You’re Compatible

Let’s say you do meet someone after deciding to go out. Things seem to be going well, maybe there are even a few dates out of it. Then you start to realize you don’t really have all that much in common. Maybe he loves horror movies but you can’t stand them. Maybe you love dogs but he doesn’t like animals. Even worse, you start dating even more and you really start to like one another. However, it comes out that he doesn’t want children and you do. The outcome for everyone can be devastating.

Thankfully, with online dating, you’ll know whether you’re compatible right away. While other things such as chemistry come in later, you’ll already know if you share common interests, for example. A lot of online dating profiles also offer places where you can put what you’re looking for (dating or marriage) and answer even bigger questions like if you want children. Having these types of facts from the beginning can save heartache and make sure you’re not wasting your time.

Get to Know Someone Safely and at a Distance

The best dating apps and websites allow you to get to know someone before you ever meet them in person. This is good for many reasons but the most commonly mentioned is safety. You don’t have to meet someone out on a date and then go back to their place or somewhere where you can “be alone” to get to know someone. Now, you can get to know your potential mates by talking to them through a safe “middle man”, so to speak. You don’t have to give out your phone number to talk to anyone either. You are able to exchange messages and get to know someone before any personal information is ever divulged or you ever spend time alone with them.

When getting to know someone on free dating sites, if at any time you feel uncomfortable or the other person is becoming aggressive or inappropriate, you can just block them. This gives you the ability to filter out who you want to talk to and who you don’t quickly and easily. It can also help keep you feeling comfortable and safe.

Save Time by Letting Technology do the Work

If you have ever seriously dated in your life, you know it can be a lot of work. It’s time-consuming to go on date after date with practically no results. It can also be frustrating as well. There’s no reason to waste time anymore by meeting people that don’t share your interests or core values. Let technology do the work for you!

Most dating apps and free dating sites are built upon carefully programmed algorithms. For simplicity, these can be looked at as math equations. For example, you love comedy movies, we’ll give you a 1. Your first potential partner says they don’t like comedy movies, so they get a 0. Your second potential partner says they also love comedy movies, so they get a 1 as well. The computer then matches these two potential mates up to you and says 1 + 0 is not equal to 2 so that one is not a match. However, with the second person, 1 + 1 IS equal to 2, so there is a match.

This is the most basic explanation of how it works. The computer scores many factors based on the preferences you have told it. If you selected women seeking men when asked what you are looking for, then the algorithm knows to only send you men. This saves you time by only getting matched with others that share your interests and core values.

You Can Safely Explore Your Options

If you have ever tried to explore your options while dating in person, you know that it can be a mess. You feel like you are sneaking around and someone always ends up getting hurt. Even if you are dating casually, there seems to be something more serious about dating in person and it can potentially lead some astray. 

With online dating, you can now safely explore all of your options. You can talk to multiple people at once to see which one gives you that special feeling or which one you have the most chemistry with. Gone are the days of finding someone who is “good enough” for you. Now you can find the one that is exactly right for you.

Online Dating is Better than Dating in Person

Now that you are armed with the facts you can debunk anyone who feels like online dating is something to be embarrassed about. Online dating is better than dating in person! You can get matched up with people you are already compatible with. You can then get to know them safely from a distance. There is also no pressure and you can keep talking to others so your options are open. Don’t let your nights out at the nightclub or bar be ruined by trying to find someone to date there. Use the best dating apps and free dating sites to find your perfect match and save the nights out for your friends!

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