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Wed 04/28/21 04:05 PM
Why did you stop calling?

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Wed 04/28/21 04:03 PM
Since I didnt talk to anyone.. I guess that's the best I can ask for.

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Wed 04/28/21 04:02 PM

An overpriced driverless car,
two guys from Texas and a 12 pack of beer,
with Dukes of Hazard reruns fresh in their

It was bound to happen... Sooner or later.

I'm really trying to picture this whole scenario... lol

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Wed 04/28/21 03:59 PM
Snuggle up and hope the bed is comfy..this time.laugh

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Wed 04/28/21 03:52 PM
Order it online for delivery and charge it to my account.. tongue2

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Wed 04/28/21 03:47 PM
Yeah well..

Just wake me up.. for whatever. tongue2

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Wed 04/28/21 03:45 PM

More expensive to fix give me a classic any day

Right on girl... the days when I could tune them to my liking..

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Wed 04/28/21 03:42 PM
I recon not much.. out of respect.

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Wed 04/28/21 03:40 PM
Edited by Stu on Wed 04/28/21 04:23 PM

No more than I will one of those gray profiles.. no pic.. f off.

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Wed 04/28/21 03:39 PM
Just shows.. we all got to go sometime.. rip..

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Wed 04/28/21 03:35 PM

Could you marry a large
Overweight man Or livin
In a relationship?

Health doesn't have to be his issue.

Active level maybe low.

What about a fat arse woman... how dare you put it just on the Male side..

Tells what I already know about you..

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Wed 04/28/21 03:32 PM
Edited by Stu on Wed 04/28/21 03:33 PM

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Wed 04/28/21 08:12 AM
This is exactly what this "pandemic" is... its worldwide nazism.

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Wed 04/28/21 08:10 AM
Rise of the Machines is upon us. Dont buy this crap. Just another way to control you and make dumb people dumber.

I dont even like that my 1994 jeep has a computer.

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Wed 04/28/21 08:06 AM
Bored and depressed

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Wed 04/28/21 03:50 AM
In a can, that says "beer"..

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Sun 04/25/21 08:34 AM

I'm just seven days here and I"ve got so many messages from very young men (some of them are even the same age as my kids ))) and also from different scammers that I think if there're real mature men here..

We're all in the forums... laugh

Welcome and good luck..

I'd suggest you set some mail filters.. it helps.

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Sun 04/25/21 07:22 AM
Pictures, where are the pictures? laugh

Sounds like an amazing time. flowers

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Mon 04/19/21 06:07 AM
Happy to hear and see all is going well. Take care my friend and continue to enjoy your time..

Got a busy week getting ready for Reelfoot.

Love ya and ttyl.. flowers

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Wed 04/14/21 04:53 PM

So have you taken your picture under the Elk antler arch yet?

No, but I walked under it, lol. I'll be going back into Jackson in the next week or two, I'll take one then. bigsmile

It looks really cool!

I'd hate to be under it if it fell.. laugh

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