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Thu 03/11/21 05:50 PM
Birthday is just something of mine I let pass... drinks

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Thu 03/11/21 05:49 PM
Invest in a wine vineyard! drinks

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Thu 03/11/21 05:06 PM

But still winning..

Although I'll share my winnings with you.. laugh

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Thu 03/11/21 05:02 PM
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noway grumble

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Thu 03/11/21 05:02 PM
Get some beer...

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Thu 03/11/21 05:01 PM
How about... NO. happy waving

dee again perhaps.

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Thu 03/11/21 05:00 PM
Spring has sprung and so have I.. I'm springing like the 4th of July... laugh

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Thu 03/11/21 04:58 PM
And to be honest.. the BEST is subjective to ones taste. There really are too many to say who's best.


Hell, to me Ronnie Van Zant was a hell of a singer/songwriter.

There are just too many.

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Thu 03/11/21 04:51 PM
Sebastian Bach.. maybe not the best, but impressive imo..

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Thu 03/11/21 06:28 AM
Edited by Stu on Thu 03/11/21 06:28 AM
Lucky you..

It has been here too.. although today is cloudy and windy, but its warm.

Have fun.. waving

Btw... winning.tongue2

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Thu 03/11/21 06:21 AM

Morning Kitkat.. waving

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Thu 03/11/21 05:56 AM
Edited by Stu on Thu 03/11/21 05:57 AM

Over half way to back to losing lptpbigsmile

Yep... you are


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Wed 03/10/21 11:32 PM
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Wed 03/10/21 05:41 PM
There is no such thing as fun in radiation city... laugh

Lots of luck...

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Wed 03/10/21 05:31 PM
Edited by Stu on Wed 03/10/21 05:39 PM
She was 8 years younger than me. We met in a chat room in 1996. She moved here in '97, we were married in '98. It lasted until 2010. She had a son, which I adopted and we had another son in 2000. We also got custody of my other two boys about 2002. I guess we just grew apart, she found an old flame online, she kept it quiet for a while. I finally found out. We decided it just best to part ways as friends which we are still today. She remarried the old flame and I'm happy to say that we can all hang out and have fun together, WHEN we do anyway... she moved back to Indiana and I dont get up there since my youngest has gotten older.

Reckon that's it in a nutshell..

Edit: glad you didnt want to know about first wife... I'd have to write a book...
She can rot for all I care.

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Wed 03/10/21 04:20 PM

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Wed 03/10/21 12:38 AM

Morning hun... about to try and go back to sleep.. have a wonderful day.. flowers

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Wed 03/10/21 12:25 AM
Xcited hippies

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Wed 03/10/21 12:24 AM

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Wed 03/10/21 12:23 AM
Trench foot

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