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Topic: Best rock voice
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Thu 03/11/21 10:17 AM
... between:

1) Freddie Mercury (Queen)
2) Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam)
3) Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden)

I find it very hard to make up my mind, and probably there is no reason to choose, but it's a forum, whe have to talk about something

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Thu 03/11/21 10:34 AM
Edited by Tom4Uhere on Thu 03/11/21 10:48 AM
Nightwish -
Floor Jansen
(Dutch singer-songwriter)
Tarja Turunen
(Finnish singer-songwriter)

Tony Joe White
(Male vocalist / songwriter)

Michael Stanley
(Male vocalist)

Cee Cee James
(Female Vocalist)

Steelheart -
Miljenko Matijević
(American singer-songwriter)

Only a few for now...

Edit to add song examples

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Thu 03/11/21 11:29 AM
I'll have a look, but you were supposed to choose among those 3 :-)

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Thu 03/11/21 11:52 AM

... between:

1) Freddie Mercury (Queen)
2) Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam)
3) Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden)

I find it very hard to make up my mind, and probably there is no reason to choose, but it's a forum, whe have to talk about something

None of the above. Freddie Mercury had a great voice, but a rock 'n' roll voice? Nah. I like Eddie Vedder, but he doesn't even crack my top five. And I'm not an Iron Maiden fan, so I'll pass on Bruce Dickinson.

I can think of three off the top of my head that I like exponentially more than your three

John Lennon - The Beatles cover of Twist and Shout includes possibly the quintessential rock vocal

Robert Plant - Do I need to explain?

Bob Seger - Just incredible

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Thu 03/11/21 12:31 PM
Female Singers

Within Temptation -
Sharon den Adel
(Dutch singer-songwriter)

Epica -
Simone Simons
(Dutch singer-songwriter)

Xandria -
Dianne van Giersbergen
(Dutch soprano)

Theater of Tragety -
Nell Sigland
(Norwegian singer)

Tezura -
Lori (Lorinka Narozky)
(Czechia Singer)

Arch Enemy -
Alissa White-Gluz
(Canadian singer)

Carole King
(American singer-songwriter)

Diana Ross (w/The Supremes)
(American singer)

Beth Hart
(American singer-songwriter)

Nancy Sinatra
(American singer)

Fleetwood Mac
Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, Christine McVie

Olivia Millerschin

Orenda Fink
(American singer)


Katelyn Tarver

Sarah McLachlan
(Canadian singer-songwriter)

More later....

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Thu 03/11/21 12:40 PM

I'll have a look, but you were supposed to choose among those 3 :-)

I agree more with the Geezer's choices than yours...Sorry

How can you choose three when there is such a rich pool of talent already out there?

Its like you lining up 3 women you find most beautiful and asking me to choose from them. We all like music we like. For me, there are literally thousands of singer/songwriter/vocalists I like. Plus, I like some more at times than others but it doesn't mean I stopped liking the others. Depends on what I'm in the mood to hear.

I enjoy the vocals from more than just rock songs too. Celtic Woman has some very talented female vocalists but they are not just rock music.
Many country band also have amazing vocalists.

I believe in braodening my horizons. You might want to check out the talent in the video links I posted.

But...this is your thread so I'll stop posting. I meant no offense.

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Thu 03/11/21 01:02 PM
It's ok I accept all opinions, even though I find it a bit hard to believe that someone can actually prefer John Lennon's voice (as Rock voice) compared to the 3 I proposed. And the way I see it there is nothing rock in John Lennon's voice, absolute zero, not even remotely comparable to Freddie Mercury's rock (not rock & roll) voice.
But it's nice to compare each other's view, we do not have necessarily to agree ... I know there are at least hundreds of great rock voices, how can one disagree when you mention Led Zeppelin??? Or should we forget Janis Joplin (I remember someone saying women can't do rock... go tell her!!!) I even love the voice of Greta Van Fleet to talk about more recent stuff, or can we really forget Serji Tankian??? so many... I'm not even saying those 3 are my absolute favourite, they are just 3 voices that I discovered in different times and that I like a lot, my taste changes a lot though, today I no longer like stuff I liked 20-30 years ago and the 1st time I heard System of a Down I just did not like it, now they are among those I love more.
But really, I appreciate your comments even though I don't know many artists you mentioned (will check them out) or disagree with some.

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Thu 03/11/21 01:56 PM
All the above :grinning: Each one is different.

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Thu 03/11/21 02:02 PM
Edited by Happy Geezer on Thu 03/11/21 02:08 PM
Roger Daltrey

Colin Bluntstone

Robin Zander

Freddie Mercury was a great singer. I'm sure he would have made a great operatic tenor.

The fact that you diss John Lennon makes your opinion come across as less than educated. Whatever.

I can still think of twenty singers I like as "rock" (not rock 'n roll whoa ) singers better

Ozzie Osborne
Stephen Stills
Tom Petty
Greg Lake
Elvis Costello
Joe Strummer
and on and on

Oh, Eddie Vedder is somewhere in this list.

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Thu 03/11/21 02:10 PM
Stevie Nicks
Jim Morrison
Paul McCartney
Axl Rose
David Bowie
Steven Tyler
Ann Wilson
Elvis Presley

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Thu 03/11/21 02:18 PM
Joe Cocker
Leon Russell
Susanna Hoffs
Jon Anderson
Glenn Frey
Don Henley
I s'pose Mick Jagger needs to be in here somewhere
Ian Hunter
Ian Anderson

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Thu 03/11/21 02:24 PM
Exploring some of the links proposed:
- Nightwish: I heard them before but never made it up my list, just not impressed neither by their music nor by the voice. I find both rather common.

-Tony Joe White, great voice and love music too... more blues than rock though, would have fit perfectly in The Blues Brother. Great but not suitable for a comparison in the rock voice category. (I do love blues!)

- Michael Stanley, sorry no. Don't like the voice nor the music. It's not maybe what would make me change station if I hear it on the radio, but will tolerate it hoping in the next song.

-Cee Cee James. Yes, that's the kind of voice I like and the music too, although I'm at present more towards the metal side of rock then that of rock & roll / blues. Would not make it the top of my list but it's something I wish to know better for sure.

-Steelheart: that's a perfect example of what would make me change station! I had to stop the video at the second "Angelaaaa". Didn't dare whatching the second video proposed. :-) (I know I'm a bit extrem, please don't take it personally)

-Bob Seger... (From Geez list) I remember him from the 80s... vaguely... yes, I have to agree, absolutely great voice... I pick one song at random, Turn the Page, don't know if is one you like but will have to deepen my knowledge on him, absolutely great. It must have been 20 years I did not even hear his name! Shame! Not really the music I listen to today but what is good is good!

-Within Temptation: not impressed again, sorry.
-Epica: I like the gothic side, the singer is good, but she reminds me of Amy Lee, except Amy Lee is some miles above her in the list! (and meybe we should add amy lee to the list)

-Xandria: ok you like Gothic, it's clear. Same as Epica. But yes, can't deny she's good.

-Theatre of Tragedy: I agree, with the name of the band (sorry, kidding but I guess we have different taste)

-Tezaura: are these bands made with carbon copy??
-Arch Enemy: I don't like growls. Many do, I don't, not even in heavy metal.
-Carol King: ok we all know that song, nice, good... but rock??
-Diana Ross: same as above, it's not what I consider rock
-Beth Hard: can't say she's not good. Won't change station. Well, maybe I go search for more stuff from her, yes she's good. and she made me remember beth ditto! Another great female voice. just for the name Beth...

-Nancy Sinatra: Ok very well known song, I love it. But not what I call a rock voice. Or maybe yes but not in my top 50.

-Fleetwood Mac: I'll skip this link, never liked them too much
-Olivia Millerschin: the voice is very nice. Not sure she qualifies as rock voice. Probably will listen to some more.

-Orenda Fink: yes, absolutely great voice.
-Ruelle: yes ok, nice voice, but boring and not really rock. Ok for a couple of songs maybe but after that I would start crying in depression!
-Katelyn Tarver: nothing special and boring.
-Sarah McLachlan: same as above

Various other rock voices you made me remember and that I love:
-Amy Lee (Evanecence)
-Tim Lindemann (Rammstein)
-Janis Joplin
-Dolores O'Riordan (Cranberries)
-Ivan Moody (is that the name?Five Finger Death Punch) among my top for recent bands

probably this last I mention can explain our different views, but again, difference enrich us, are not a limitation.
Thanks for comments and suggestions, some I will explore more, some I could tell from 3 notes that don't fit my taste.

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Thu 03/11/21 02:43 PM
I have to agree with some on Geez list of course:
Ozzie Osborne
Joe Strummer
Steven Tyler
Ian Anderson
Mick Jagger
Although not at the same level as the 3 I proposed (of course personal opinion) I do like them a lot, just one step below.

I disagree with some others:

Tom Petty
Elvis Costello
Paul McCartney
Axl Rose

not my kind of rock and not my fav...
Elvis Presley
that's what I mean... you can't really compare Elvis Presley (rock and Roll) with Something like Five Finger Death Punch! They are too far even though we can say they're both rock. They belong to different styles and times, too far!

don't know where to put him
David Bowie
for as much as I like his music, as rock voice is far from my top list

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Thu 03/11/21 03:56 PM
For the original post, Freddie Mercury certainly has, what I consider, the most technical voice. He’s great. But I do prefer a voice like Vedders, so suitable to their music.

Thank you for not mentioning Cobain, so overrated.

But, my ultimate favorite rock voice is Chris Cornell. r.i.p.

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Thu 03/11/21 04:51 PM
Sebastian Bach.. maybe not the best, but impressive imo..

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Thu 03/11/21 04:58 PM
And to be honest.. the BEST is subjective to ones taste. There really are too many to say who's best.


Hell, to me Ronnie Van Zant was a hell of a singer/songwriter.

There are just too many.

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Fri 03/12/21 01:53 AM
I'm from a different era and like a different type of music. I recognize most of the names mentioned, but I honestly don't know who some of them are.

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Fri 03/12/21 01:57 AM
Nice write up.
Rock for me has always been rock n roll.
Hard rock is what I listened to in my teens.
Rock stations which played any kind of rock n roll including metal.

I'm not real big with genres, not in movies or music, only books.

In the 'hard rock' specific.

Geddy Lee from Rush.
Especially the early albums; Rush, Fly By Night, 2112, All The World's A Stage.

Styx Early albums
Dennis DeYoung, J.C. Curulewski, Glen Burtnik; Styx, Equinox, Crystal Ball, The Grand Illusion.

Golden Gate Rhythm Section (aka Journey) early albums
Gregg Rolie on Journey, Look Into The Future, Next and
Steve Perry on Infinity, Evolution & Departure
Those are the only Journey albums I like.

Michael Sweet in Boston, Don't Look Back, Third Stage

Ozzy in Black Sabbath!

Randy Jackson in Zebra

David Coverdale & Ian Gillan in Deep Purple

Bobby Barth from Axe

Randy Bachman from BTO

Zakk Wylde from Black Label Society & Steel Dragon.

Gil Moore from Triumph

Brian Connolly from Sweet

Van McLain, Gary West & Keith Mitchell from Shooting Star. Especially their early albums.

Ronnie James Dio from Rainbow

Dan McCafferty from Nazareth. Not many people like his voice but it fits the music well and gets better as you get used to it.

Marc Storace from Krokus

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Sat 03/13/21 02:46 AM
Here we could open a debate on the difference between rock and rock & roll. I agree 100% Freddie Mercury is not rock & roll, but in my opinion he's absolutely rock.
Some may say that rock and rock & roll are the same thing, sorry, I disagree. Of course the origin of rock is rock & roll, but it's like saying rock & roll is the same thing as blues because it originates from it, or at that point why not soul!
So, to me rock & roll is the Elvis Presley kind, rockabilly etc. Of course some groups cross over the two, in some cases even Beatles did, though in general I consider them pop, even though they certainly made some (or even more than some) rock songs. Rolling Stones in general I consider rock. Queen certainly not rock & roll but somewhere between rock and pop. and then we have the Hard Rock and heavy metal stuff. Iron Maiden, Metallica, AC / DC, Muse, Five Finger Death Punch. So my comparison was on the rock (as conceived above, not interested in Elvis Presley and such as they would be too different in style from the 3 I quoted). But despite what I said above, I do not want to open a debate on what is rock, that could be the subject of another thread. For this thread, let's assume that my definition is valid. Given the definition above, which one is the best rock voice among the 3 quoted? No need to copy paste lists of good singers. If you want just quote some ROCK singers, that in your opinion are definetely better than those 3.
For instance I love Michael Hutchence voice (INXS), and would put him just one little step below them. I hope I have clarified the meaning of the post.

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Sat 03/13/21 05:49 AM

For the original post, Freddie Mercury certainly has, what I consider, the most technical voice. He’s great. But I do prefer a voice like Vedders, so suitable to their music.

Thank you for not mentioning Cobain, so overrated.

But, my ultimate favorite rock voice is Chris Cornell. r.i.p.

Chris Cornell :thumbsup:
While we're throwing dead people in there.... Scott Weiland not too shabby either

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