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Fri 07/09/21 05:01 PM
Some day I need to make it out that way.. maybe you can be my personal guide... happy

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Thu 05/06/21 05:38 PM
None of those

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Thu 05/06/21 05:36 PM
I think I found someone.. time will tell.

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Thu 05/06/21 05:34 PM
I think for myself.

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Thu 05/06/21 05:32 PM
Fish bait

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Fri 04/30/21 07:27 AM

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Thu 04/29/21 01:01 AM
Happy Birthday darling! Hope you have a wonderful day! :tada:

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Wed 04/28/21 05:01 PM
Watching Andy Griffith...

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Wed 04/28/21 04:58 PM
Edited by Stu on Wed 04/28/21 04:58 PM
Don't do breakfast.. so I'd give it to her.

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Wed 04/28/21 04:57 PM

The 90s sucked.

So did pretty much anything after that...

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Wed 04/28/21 04:53 PM
Boy toy

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Wed 04/28/21 04:50 PM

I'm a lot about Smokey and the Bandit.

Ah yes... forgot about that..classic.

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Wed 04/28/21 04:42 PM

Gotta hand it to those guys; going to the moon and back in a tin-can attached to a stick of dynamite. Talk about balls. They had some biggens.

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Wed 04/28/21 04:38 PM

I don't think young people know about Dukes of Hazzard.

This is true....

Remember Gone In 60 Seconds?...

Eleanor was one bad arse ride...

What about Eat My Dust with Ron Howard?...

At least they were real cars...

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Wed 04/28/21 04:21 PM
To answer the opening question... probably not ... but possible

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Wed 04/28/21 04:19 PM

An overpriced driverless car,
two guys from Texas and a 12 pack of beer,
with Dukes of Hazard reruns fresh in their

It was bound to happen... Sooner or later.

I'm really trying to picture this whole scenario... lol

Hold my beer, and watch this.


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Wed 04/28/21 04:18 PM
Why does age even matter?

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Wed 04/28/21 04:14 PM
Damp,.. really damp...

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Wed 04/28/21 04:12 PM
Edited by Stu on Wed 04/28/21 04:13 PM
Laying in bed trying to dry out... we're rain soaked from trying to go out fishing.

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Wed 04/28/21 04:09 PM

There are many people who love to drive, and they will never be onboard with these auto cars.

Nope, never.. I'll ride a donkey before I get in one of those mindless hunks of crap.

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