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Fri 04/09/21 07:28 PM
Trying to wrap my head around double standards...

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Fri 04/09/21 06:53 PM

Getting ready to go to sleep.

Sounds like a plan...

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Fri 04/09/21 06:35 PM


Us too.. a little bit.. but in a way.. rejuvenated.. or at least got some fire under my arse to start moving/doing more... and then maybe we can climb that hill at The Narrows next time.. lol.. (don't hold me to thatlaugh )

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Fri 04/09/21 06:30 PM
The mushroom...

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Fri 04/09/21 03:28 PM

whoa you're as delusional as delightfullaugh

Pfft.. I'm a winner even if I dont win here.. tongue2

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Fri 04/09/21 02:24 PM
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She's An American Girl - Tom Petty

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Fri 04/09/21 01:54 PM
I wanna thank you.. ZZ Top

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Fri 04/09/21 07:19 AM
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Fri 04/09/21 06:44 AM
tongue2 waving

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Fri 04/09/21 06:39 AM

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Fri 04/09/21 06:00 AM
We traveled the Natchez Trace Parkway for a bit to get to Laurel Hill Lake for our fishing (boating) adventure.

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Fri 04/09/21 05:36 AM
Mound Bottom State Archeology Site.

We didnt really get to visit it, only drove by it at a distance.

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Fri 04/09/21 05:24 AM
Narrows of the Harpeth State Park

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Fri 04/09/21 04:58 AM
Edited by Stu on Fri 04/09/21 05:38 AM
A few places we visited to help her journal.. (I hope this works laugh)

Boiling Spring Academy and Fewkes Archeology Mound Burial Site.

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Fri 04/09/21 04:23 AM
As River has now set out on the next leg of her journey, I bid her safe travels early this morning.

Yesterday was spent getting her laundry done, going out for a nice lunch, packing, checking her vehicle fluid levels and spending some cuddle time watching Pocahontas and Wreck It Ralph.. laugh

See you again in 6 months, I hope, my love. Stay safe and have fun. It was a short stay but we had some fun despite the setbacks caused by our recent flood. :blue_heart:flowers

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Fri 04/09/21 03:20 AM
Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond.... duh

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Wed 04/07/21 06:50 PM
Lol, go to bed darlin... flowers

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Wed 04/07/21 06:45 PM
Has a pretty uncomfortable couch too.

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Wed 04/07/21 06:33 AM

Yay, found my visor biggrin As for sunblock and something to protect my precious lips that are starting to blister, guess we'll need to stop at the store! bigsmile

I reckon so.. laugh

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Wed 04/07/21 06:12 AM

If we can get there another ride may be on the agenda.. lol but I'm betting access is still cut off.

I'll need a hat and sunblock laugh bigsmile

Just stay out of the sun... half the boat is covered.. lol

That's not gonna happen, lol. So, I'll need a hat and sunblock! tongue2 smooched

slaphead only sunblock I got is old.. laugh flowers

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