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Sun 04/02/17 05:23 PM
Wrestle mainia

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Sun 04/02/17 04:14 PM
Edited by realcarebear on Sun 04/02/17 04:15 PM
Haven't had a chance to visit London ohwell

Have you ever taken a horse drawn carriage ride through central park?

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Tue 03/21/17 08:38 AM
I feel free! Got the paperwork from my lawyer. No one can take my kids from me or hold us prisoners legally anymore! Florida here we come!

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Tue 03/21/17 08:30 AM
Remember when Alan Jackson

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Fri 03/10/17 05:57 PM
Wonderful tonight Eric Clapton

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Fri 03/10/17 05:25 PM
My husband and kids playing xbox

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Fri 03/10/17 05:23 PM
Edited by realcarebear on Fri 03/10/17 05:24 PM
Poor old person....


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Fri 03/03/17 08:04 PM

Have you ever quit smoking?

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Fri 01/06/17 04:35 PM
Laundry toys .... Work

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Fri 01/06/17 04:10 PM
I just want to go someplace where I don't get called mommy. I want to get drunk have a smoke laugh all night. Just go out and no one ask anything of me!

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Thu 01/05/17 07:14 PM
Finally got my snow!!!!

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Tue 01/03/17 06:26 PM
Talking to Yoda


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Tue 01/03/17 06:24 PM
It's a boring old night.

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Tue 01/03/17 06:03 PM
No snow in my part of Kentucky yet.... :cry:

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Tue 01/03/17 11:43 AM
I don't like to brag....

Have you ever been on TV?

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Tue 01/03/17 11:24 AM
Ha Yes off their ice cream Sunday!

Have you ever stole someone's thunder?

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Tue 01/03/17 10:58 AM

thanks for ur honestly
I appreciate it
However when there r a battle between doing the wrong thing that can make u smile and doing the right thing leads being alone and lonely

then maybe u will try to understand why mistresses r alive
happy new year

In the long run it will only bite you in the ***

hey, she just might like donkey bites ... just saying ...

noway noway noway

She'd be in luck then!

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Tue 01/03/17 10:34 AM
The Rose Bette Midler

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Tue 01/03/17 10:31 AM
Nothing and everything all at once

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Tue 01/03/17 09:39 AM
Pile of laundry.

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