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Topic: what are the most delicious and tasty dishes in your country
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Fri 10/24/14 08:16 AM
what are the most delicious and tasty dishes in your country?

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Fri 10/24/14 09:25 AM
drool WARM Peach Cobbler On Top Of Some Fresh Cold Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. Bacon, and Collard Greens with White Rice. Cauliflower, Okra, Baked Macaroni and Cheese made with the correct cheese! Hooping John. Sugared Pomegranite Tea With a kiwi on the Glassdrinks

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Tue 12/02/14 08:24 AM
Lasagna with tons of cheesetongue2

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Tue 01/06/15 12:22 PM
Crawfish gator shrimp crab blood pie blood sausage wild hog pheasant deer elk antelope big cat moose frog legs catfish collard greens turnips ruebarb pie sweet potatoe pie cactus and eggs squaw cabbage wild onions and garlic sage hen. Just a few of my favorites

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Thu 02/12/15 06:40 AM
Pinto beans, fried potatoes and ramps, ramp greens, corn bread, biscuits and gravy, sage sausage, sourdough pancakes, buckwheat pancakes, sausage gravy, peach cobbler, apple pie, fried chicken, quart jar full of iced tea with a straw in your hand sitting on the front porch swing while my man cuts the ice cold watermelon he plans to share with me.

Don't know bout y'all but I'm hungry.

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Thu 02/12/15 11:17 AM
kwek-kwek is deliciouse-,sisig,and also pandesal w/d hot coffee,in morning-.jajajajajajajajaja

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Thu 02/12/15 11:20 AM
Steak and kidney pie

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Thu 02/12/15 12:47 PM
In Texas we love BBQ!!!!

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Thu 02/12/15 01:26 PM
Edited by DavidCommaGeek on Thu 02/12/15 01:26 PM
Pizza. No question. The Italians created it, but the U.S. perfected it.

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Thu 02/12/15 02:30 PM

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Fri 04/17/15 04:06 AM
fresh sea grapes...yumm tongue2

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Fri 04/17/15 04:13 AM
Lamb Vindaloo! Separates the men from the boys, as the hotter it is, the better it is!

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Fri 04/17/15 09:47 AM
kinilaw (raw fish in vinegar with spices)

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Fri 04/17/15 11:53 AM
Alder smoked salmon bellies.

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Fri 04/17/15 01:30 PM
I'm going to go with the curry that Messi mentioned. Yes,i know the topic says 'your' country,but curry was created by the British while in India to disguise the taste of rotten meat many moons ago...

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Fri 04/17/15 01:33 PM
In Texas we love Chili!

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Thu 06/25/15 06:08 AM
Roasted Pig
Pandesal w/ Kesong Puti

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Thu 06/25/15 06:55 AM
Edited by DavidCommaGeek on Thu 06/25/15 06:56 AM

Lamb Vindaloo! Separates the men from the boys, as the hotter it is, the better it is!

Quoted for truth.

Also, peanut-butter-and-chocolate cookies. Doesn't really matter what kind - they're all delicious.

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Thu 06/25/15 10:11 AM
chinese food
list is endless really
i think we have a restaurant for about anything

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Thu 08/06/15 08:47 AM
In malaysia there is beef rendang that always a hit for foreign tourist. But my favorite is road side banana fritters vendor with ABC (air batu campur) which is ice shave with syrup. Perfect snack in the hot weather

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