Topic: I stopped believing ....
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Sat 10/17/15 05:34 PM
in god, absolute (or any others fairytales)
WHEN ...

shall we share those secrets ???

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Wed 10/03/18 12:28 PM
I stopped believing when reading the whole Bible. Scriptures like this for example;

"Samaria will be held guilty, For she has rebelled against her God. They will fall by the sword, Their little ones will be dashed in pieces, And their pregnant women will be ripped open"

No loving God should accept this as a justified act. There are so many other things that just sound ridiculous such as a staff turning into a serpent or walking on water.

Then you have Islam which I also find far fetched.

All the Gods I have read about do not sound worthy of praise and sound like dictators.

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Fri 10/05/18 09:06 AM
When? Mid 80s. Why? The role, both churches played in Germany and other countries occupied by Hitler. Orphans and people with disabilities were handed over to the SS in exchange of money. One dark hidden secret that is

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Tue 10/09/18 11:23 AM
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I stopped believing, when going to sunday school. The same little boy (who was tallest in class) would always cry when his mother left him for the few hours. The priest would always talk to him (in private diff room) before teaching the class. It was years later when I heard what some priests were doing to kids.

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Sun 10/21/18 06:02 PM
After the 2016 election. Up until that point I was losing my belief in Wicca and then all religion stopped making sense to me at that point.

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Sat 04/17/21 04:44 AM

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Thu 12/23/21 07:30 AM
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I stopped believing in single age digits. i was at the church (my rip dad was a life member for services rendered) and saw a painting of Saint Lucy, ya know the one where she is holding a plate with two eyes on it and i thought there and then, this is kinda messed up and not for me.

My ex is religious but she agreed not to threaten the kids with this god hoo-ha until they were old enough to learn the book themselves, so ethics it is.