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Topic: Say something to the person above you - part 2
Blondey111's photo
Wed 08/22/18 02:46 AM

Thank you so much,lovely Blondey!...Can't wait to see you clad in bikini as!love
Great day lovely soul.:heart: :heart: :heart:

it is winter here .. soon though biggrin waving

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Wed 08/22/18 02:48 AM
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< part one of this topic is here >
Cal maybe we can have a mingle bikini day smitten

Riverspirit1111's photo
Wed 08/22/18 03:32 AM
Let's wait for your summer Blondey. That'll give me a couple months to downsize before I start buying new bikinis laugh biggrin waving

Blondey111's photo
Wed 08/22/18 03:52 AM
A Christmas bikini shoot then river .. dec is the start of nz's summer bigsmile waving

Riverspirit1111's photo
Wed 08/22/18 03:55 AM
Sounds good to me... I'm always up for a challenge, so this should be fun. I haven't worn a bikini since my teenage years.

Do you know where we could get santa baby bikinis bigsmile

Blondey111's photo
Wed 08/22/18 04:02 AM
If we can't find them online I will make them biggrin Can probably recycle Santa hats laugh laugh

Riverspirit1111's photo
Wed 08/22/18 04:06 AM
Oooo... good idea laugh I wonder if Eric will give his up laugh

I have a couple down in the Keys that might work, one has goofy ears laugh laugh

Gotta get breakfast out for the guests... have a good rest of your evening waving

Blondey111's photo
Wed 08/22/18 04:10 AM
I am sure Eric would donate his hat to such a worthy cause .. lol. We can corner him tomorrow bigsmile laugh

pumpilicious 💕's photo
Fri 08/24/18 07:54 AM
I wonder what it's like to live in paradise smitten

Blondey111's photo
Fri 08/24/18 03:40 PM
A beautiful life comes to mind . Hiya pumpi bigsmile waving

no photo
Fri 08/24/18 03:44 PM
back to blondebigsmile

Riverspirit1111's photo
Fri 08/24/18 03:45 PM
How's that porch coming along? bigsmile

no photo
Fri 08/24/18 03:47 PM
almost readytongue2

Riverspirit1111's photo
Fri 08/24/18 03:50 PM
Is the birds nest made of straw laugh tongue2

no photo
Fri 08/24/18 03:54 PM
nahhh. left over sawdust, shavings and shredded linens

Riverspirit1111's photo
Fri 08/24/18 03:56 PM
Much more comfy, lol.

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Sun 08/26/18 09:19 AM
I hope you have a wonderful day River flowers

Stu's photo
Sun 08/26/18 09:22 AM
You have one too Queeny... flowerforyou

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Sun 08/26/18 09:23 AM
You as well Stu flowers

Charlie686ih's photo
Sun 08/26/18 09:25 AM
Good afternoon Nawty waving

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