Topic: Use the last word to start a new sentence - part 13
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Fri 09/18/20 02:07 PM
Work is something that I enjoy most of the time.


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Fri 09/18/20 02:09 PM
Time to cook some bacon to go on the pizza

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Fri 09/18/20 02:51 PM
pizza and beer for dinner tonight

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Fri 09/18/20 02:58 PM
Tonight we're watching charmed. love

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Fri 09/18/20 03:01 PM
charmed is what the witches of eastwick are

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Fri 09/18/20 03:04 PM
Are the trees going to be full of color next weekend, I wonder?

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Fri 09/18/20 03:06 PM
wonder wonder who wrote the book of love...

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Fri 09/18/20 03:09 PM
Love is a many splendored thing

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Sun 09/20/20 08:17 AM
thing is one must find love.:wink:

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Sun 09/20/20 12:48 PM
Love is all you need, or so went the Beatles' song.

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Mon 09/21/20 03:57 AM
Song is something I sometimes like to sing.

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Mon 09/21/20 05:50 PM
Sing out loud.

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Tue 09/22/20 03:58 PM
Loud noises disturb my peace and quiet.

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Wed 09/23/20 04:07 AM
Quiet is what I like when I am sleeping.

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Wed 09/23/20 04:12 AM
Sleeping is how I heal so with my cracked and broken ribs I've been doing more than usual.

Good morning ladies!

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Wed 09/23/20 04:22 AM
Usual is not unusual.

Good morning!

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Wed 09/23/20 05:53 AM
Unusual is not usual. laugh

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Wed 09/23/20 11:10 AM
Usual day at work it was not

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Wed 09/23/20 11:22 AM
Not going inside the gym anytime soon.

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Wed 09/23/20 11:28 AM
Soon I need to go to the fitness center since I'm still paying for it.