Topic: Use the last word to start a new sentence - part 13
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Thu 09/24/20 06:45 PM
It has been a stressful day for me, I need to go to the Need a Hug threadsad2

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Thu 09/24/20 06:48 PM
Thread a needle is one thing I am not good at.

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Thu 09/24/20 07:36 PM
At large election of the Treasury Board is due on the 3rd of December.

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Thu 09/24/20 09:11 PM

December is the 12th month of the year

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Fri 09/25/20 01:34 AM
Year ago I was in Vermont, my last seasonal job.

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Fri 09/25/20 04:35 AM
Job is where I am going today.

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Fri 09/25/20 11:10 AM
Today there was way too many people working, which is why I left early.

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Fri 09/25/20 11:33 AM
Early, some people on here have to get up.

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Fri 09/25/20 05:37 PM
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Up we go

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Fri 10/02/20 02:39 PM
Go to the Cool as a Moose store in Bar Harbor is what I want to do.

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Fri 10/02/20 02:40 PM
Do what makes you happy. flowerforyou

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Fri 10/02/20 02:42 PM
Happy to do just that, you do what makes you happy as well. flowerforyou

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Fri 10/02/20 02:44 PM
Well then, I'll do just that. laugh

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Fri 10/02/20 02:45 PM
That sounds awesome laugh

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Fri 10/02/20 02:46 PM
Awesome friend is what you are. flowerforyou drinker

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Fri 10/02/20 02:52 PM
Are making me all teary eyed and wanting to say I think you are too. flowerforyou drinker

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Fri 10/02/20 02:57 PM
Too sweet is what you are, my dear. flowerforyou drinker

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Fri 10/02/20 03:08 PM
Dear rosie, I simply adore you. flowerforyou drinker

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Fri 10/02/20 03:14 PM
You are too kind and I feel the same way. flowerforyou drinks

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Fri 10/02/20 03:25 PM
flowerforyou drinks

Way to fit everything into three days may be difficult.