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Topic: Single Mom Problem
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Wed 05/18/22 08:13 AM

It's possible...anything is possible - but the reality is, there's a more likely chance that a kid would be in the way, and complicate things more than if the child wasn't there. I see a lot of women's profiles that say "my kids come first" (which should be the case) but that may as well say " any dude that dates me will always be, at the very best, 2nd banana".

I think it's also equally dependent on the dude and the child. I went out with a woman that I was really into, but one of her kids was a turd. Knowing it was a package deal, I was forced to walk away. I think complicated scenarios like that will come up, so it's best to take to your time getting to know someone. Chemistry might be there, but the time will allow you to know what position the dude will take

Mine are teens to adults and are going to give some poor man a run for his money. My 27 year old son said I'm only allowed to date if he goes on a double date with me. Can you imagine going in for a kiss and getting blocked by my ******* son! :joy: All my kids are over protective of me. Giving me talks are narcissist, gaslighting, catfishing, love bombing,online dating, romance scams and roofies. I just laugh and say I'll be good. You have to see where the child is coming from, but I see yours too.

As for dating someone that accepts your child. Yes, it's possible. It will happen for you, just be gaurded with your child and their info until you know the person well.

My kids are older. I promised their dad not to belring men home. I consider home their safe place.

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Sun 06/12/22 02:52 PM
I like your write up.

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Mon 06/13/22 02:54 AM
Account deactivated -_-

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Sat 07/09/22 04:51 PM
it is entirely possible. Single fathers suffer the same responses from prospective girlfriends/wives, but it is much harder for a woman to find a good man. You are correct in telling your date about your children. Weed out the "guys" from the men before you waste time and emotion on them. Be proud of your children and yourself. A good man will see the truth for what it is, welcome it, and gravitate toward it. Children are NOT baggage. Other issues are and we all have baggage.

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Sat 07/09/22 08:42 PM
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Sun 07/10/22 12:05 AM
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Mon 07/18/22 06:54 AM
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