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Tue 12/14/21 09:45 AM
Edited by Robin on Tue 12/14/21 09:49 AM

Please don't hold Me,
I'm not a Robber,
I just came on her Window,
To meet my Sweet Thunder.

Don't You people Yell,
Just listen to Me so Well,
I'm here for seeing Her,
If she is ok & so Well.

Why starring Me like a Hell,
I know You People,
Don't know Me so Well,
My name is Lover &
She is Jewel of My Love.

Meeting of today was Fixed,
On the same place were we Mixed,
Time was close bye an i Rushed,
Waited long but was not Seeing,
What was between us Wished.

Not seeing Her in thier i was Worried,
In tense was getting Buried.
Decided no matter whatever Happens,
Will rush her home in new Pattern.
Coming here was not so Easy.
Climbing 1nd floor was so Risky.

Before i could glance her from Window,
You people dance on ground Floor.
Shout an crowd of yours Trance,
Made me slip an jump Instance.

So these is my short Presentation,
You like it or don't that's not a Hesitation,
Before that ask Her also Why,
Who am I an why I'm on Spy.

I'm Her lover as Precious,
She is my sweetest Jewel,
Love & Care is only our Treasure.
Hold on I'm not a Robber,
Between our Love Story,
You people are sounding Smugglers.

My Name is
Moral of the thought
I Love Her:monkey:


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Tue 12/14/21 02:14 PM
Nice poem:thumbsup: :wink: .

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Wed 12/15/21 02:43 AM
Thank You

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Wed 12/15/21 07:14 AM
Aatheera Love & Care

Meaning of Love
I learned from YOU
It's hard to define in Word's
It wouldn't be fair to define It.
Even if i try, it would be Lesser.
Whatever have been, is been Better.

The first time word from You as Hello,
I felt some kind of Melodious.
Slowly starts with Chitchat,
Desire to know You are Tip Top.
Movements went of Further,
Days were was full of Wonders.
Sometimes upset Sometimes fight,
Holding silence was not so easy as feelings like Die.

Poems of yours gave me Joy,
Reading it my hand started to Write.
Without any acknowledgements of Poems,
The rhythm of hearts was following the Poetry.

The day was magical of
Rainbow and Breeze,
When i known all these was written on Me.
Started the moment of Dreams,
Night wasn't easy an day as Busy,
In thinking of You.

Standing over a mirror instead of Me,
I was seeing You so Clear.
Truth, Honesty, Faithful,
Loyal, Discipline, Adorable,
Excellent, Strong, Patience... many more all the Positive vibes i have seen in You.
When i was full of filling an swinging Hope.

Still was a question of liking or loving between You & Me.
Time Heals lots of pain & Questions,
The moment of dreams was on Celebration
Even You Know it Well &
Even Me Know it Well.
We both cannot live without Each Other.
God had created Us for a Purpose,
We are just following the path of hearts Structure.
Until now we are made for Each Other,
Blessings of God
and Family is with Us,
Soon We will be living Together.

written for Aatheera:heart:


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Wed 12/15/21 11:56 AM
Nice poem:thumbsup: :wink: .

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Fri 12/17/21 12:43 AM
Thank You JulieABush

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Fri 12/17/21 01:09 AM
:thumbsup:, good expressions
here :apple:, give her one of these.

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Fri 12/17/21 01:55 AM
Yes, pure love.

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Fri 12/17/21 06:38 AM
:thumbsup:, good expressions
here :apple:, give her one of these.

Thank You Mike Sir
Only one apple, no apple for Me :smile:

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Fri 12/17/21 06:40 AM
Yes, pure love.

Love is pure, impurities is within us.
Thank You AkoTsinitwo

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Sun 01/09/22 10:27 AM

Remember Always These..
In The Living Journey Of Life,
Never say a Goodbye. 🤳
Always prefer Hi ! :wave:

In Middle battle of some fights,
Maybe we get separated,
For a little bit moment of Sight.
& the loneliness of weird Thoughts,
Will start taking to thunder Lights.⚡

Don't get in sense of Tense,
Don't leave the Hope so Easily,
Just a call from Heart of your Voice. :revolving_hearts:
I will be returning back as Usual.
Life Will Be Back On Track.

As Usual As We Have Been,
Together Till Now Till Then.
And Will Be Living As Usual,
Together Bonded & Balanced.


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Sun 01/09/22 10:39 AM
Touching Robin :rose:

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Sun 01/09/22 12:17 PM
Beautifully articulated Robin :rainbow::bouquet::sunflower:

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Tue 01/11/22 10:35 PM
Touching Robin :rose:

:slight_smile:Thank You:slight_smile:

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Tue 01/11/22 10:36 PM
Beautifully articulated Robin :rainbow::bouquet::sunflower:

:slight_smile:Thank You:slight_smile:

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Wed 01/12/22 04:29 AM
Nice poem:thumbsup: :wink: .

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Tue 01/18/22 02:54 AM
Thank You JulieABush