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Topic: Same sex marriage is it accepted
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Mon 07/18/22 09:17 PM
Is same sex marriage accepted in your country,?

From where i am its not:pensive:

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Tue 07/19/22 01:39 AM
Australia: yes

I feel for you ☹

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Sun 07/31/22 12:06 AM
Who you marry or love is none of the government's business. If they make it their business, that's why guns exist. Your rights are YOURS and ONLY YOURS

Morticia's photo
Sun 07/31/22 12:34 AM
Nope, unfortunately

Larsi666 😽's photo
Sat 09/17/22 12:31 PM
Hi Stormy :blush: Hi Valky :metal::hugging:

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Sat 09/17/22 02:43 PM
Hi Stormy :blush: Hi Valky :metal::hugging:

Hi Larsi :wave::metal:

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Sat 09/17/22 06:45 PM
In my home country (USA), yes it is. The country I'm living in now (Kazakhstan) no.

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Sat 09/17/22 08:37 PM
Legal? Yes.
Accepted? That's left to individual perspective.

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Sat 09/17/22 09:01 PM
In my country it is, as far as I'm concerned, if two consenting adults love one another and want to commit their lives to one another then I have no problem with them getting married. Don't really get arguments arguing otherwise outside of religious beliefs. But religious beliefs are personal. If your religion says don't marry people the same sex as you than don't marry someone the same sex as you. For you to say you can't marry that person because my religion says I can't do that doesn't make sense. Seems childish. Don't force your religion on others who don't share your beliefs.

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Sun 09/18/22 12:52 AM
The culture is spreading worldwide. Most of the countries accept this and even court rulings are favouring this.

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Sun 09/18/22 06:59 AM
for me it's a yes, just do what makes you happy, as long as you're not hurting anyone, it's fine :blush:

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Wed 09/21/22 04:43 AM
In the Islamic World,
Same Sex Marriages will get You a,
Dirt Nap.

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Sat 09/24/22 09:46 AM
Nope, unfortunately


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Sat 09/24/22 09:49 AM
In my home country (USA), yes it is. The country I'm living in now (Kazakhstan) no.

yes i like you

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Sat 09/24/22 01:46 PM
in my home country, South Africa
it is allowed

but where I am rn (Qatar)is a no...

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Sun 09/25/22 02:32 AM
Australia: yes

I feel for you ☹

hi me i coming

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Sun 09/25/22 02:42 AM

No thanks

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Wed 09/28/22 09:23 PM
In Canada it is :flag_ca:

I believe everyone should have equal rights in every aspect of life. :hearts:🧡:yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:

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Fri 09/30/22 12:47 AM

It is accepted in the UK. With the same legal rights as marriage, unlike co-habitation which have none without a formal legal agreement.

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Fri 10/28/22 01:54 PM
Message me :grinning:

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