Topic: Getting Ready to Date the Person You Met Here on Mingle2
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Tue 09/20/22 03:47 AM
Is anybody getting Ready to Meet for the First Time, the Gal or Guy, you Met Here on this Dating Site ?

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Tue 09/20/22 06:24 AM
Date? No.

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Tue 09/20/22 08:02 AM
Sure yeah, but it is not realistic at the moment. Distance and all that sad stuff :cry:

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Tue 09/20/22 09:19 AM
Not lately.

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Tue 09/20/22 03:07 PM

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Tue 09/20/22 04:25 PM
Yeah !!! Still getting rejected for a visa and now the Airport is about to go on strike .... may just have to call of this Mingle Affaire....

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Tue 09/20/22 04:38 PM

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Tue 09/20/22 09:34 PM
Nope, because they live far away and I hold no hopes of meeting them, ever

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Wed 09/21/22 06:39 PM
put on your hip boots for this ****

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Wed 10/05/22 06:36 AM

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Wed 10/05/22 08:14 AM
Yes hopefully soon.

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Wed 10/05/22 09:01 AM
Only in my dream world for in my dreams she is my reality and in my reality world she is my dream.

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Wed 10/05/22 01:38 PM
@ Poetry......we haven't met her yet ... except in dreams ... but dont you wish you can get , what she gives ... wait a second ... or is it the other way around ....Good luck getting a date .... the line up is too long for me !!!

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Fri 10/07/22 03:06 PM

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Fri 10/07/22 03:15 PM
I wish I could :sob: But I won't give up ...

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Fri 10/07/22 10:58 PM

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Fri 10/07/22 11:37 PM
My partner and I met in person for the first time a year ago. We met here in the Mingle forums. We currently live in different countries, but we've had several visits back and forth; in fact, he just left two weeks ago.

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Sat 10/08/22 09:03 AM
love meet someone at ponngol,senkang area