1. What about the swirler… someone once told them (probably on a playground) that the best way to kiss is to just stick your tongue out and swirl, swirl, swirl. ick!

  2. How about the Oral Explorer? Has to inspect every corner and niche in your mouth with their tongue. *gag*
    Or, the one that gets my goat, the Scooper.

  3. the worst kissers are the ones who have no passion for that person for if you do then the feelings are there to at least connect in some way!but yes to much tongue is always a turn off.lack of affection which leads to the passionate kiss isn’t there.A dead kiss just lips no sucking just smooching on her part!I have found that If you are a great kisser .you can turn any woman on and get her passionate with a great lasting kiss that only I know how to do!or you I never entails anything but the kiss! have been there many times before and when I was done?She had a totally different outlook on life!believe me!

  4. there is no just thing as a bad kisser but if u find one teach him the right way,for me its the soul 2 soul kiss when u feel it from ur toes thru ur body down his mouth thru his body and his toes then shoots back at u[its called passion]

  5. The kiss can make or break a date. You got to have some tongue action or it is like kissing a fish. The eyes need to be closed cuz you don’t want them starring at anyone else. I has got to take your breath away and turn you on so that you start breathing heavy and makes you want more….if it doesn’t have those things they it is a waste of time and effort.

  6. The kiss can make or break a date. You got to have some tongue action or it is like kissing a fish. The eyes need to be closed cuz you don’t want them starring at anyone else. I has got to take your breath away and turn you on so that you start breathing heavy and makes you want more….if it doesn’t have those things they it is a waste of time and effort.

  7. Many men seem to think they have to lick their lips first and just when I think it’s going to be a nice warm lip to lip smooch, they open their mouths like a fish, and suck on my lips instead of kissing them.
    It’s way too common, so whassup with this? ( ;

  8. I dont understand the possum one. And to the poster below, I call the squirl the helicopter, lol. I think that is the worst kind of kisser, the ones who do that with their tongue. I have encountered that I think 2 times before

  9. the pecker. I looked for feathers, is he too chicken to kiss?
    Turned out to be one of the worst kissers ever, he fit every catagory trying to get skills: halitosis, teeth clicker, slimmer, wet willy in the mouth, stiff like a scared snake peeking out of the hole afraid of being caught by the eagle and kissing just one lip, near miss. Ms jennifer, I’ll trade you for the swirler.

  10. THE FISH.
    I would have to agree with BoulderMountainGal that this is very bad!

    When you open and close your mouth too much and suck on my lips you are kissing like a fish!!! stop it!

  11. I love kissing… it is the best thing, if you find someone that is good at it… I dated this guy once that did not like being kissed on the neck… very strange… I love being kissed everywhere…it is a major turn on for me…

    The last guy I dated in 2008, was a wonderful kisser/lover… He was very in tune with what I wanted and made sure I got to that place WITH him which was nice…

    My ex – husband was an amazing kisser… we had the best make out sessions, just could not get along…

  12. I have dated 2 guys that automatically darted the tongue repeatedly with very little kissing if at all. That is a total turnoff. I would almost rather have no tongue because it grossed me out.

  13. A great kiss should contain passion and rhythm, basically the eyes should never be open and the minds should become your only sight, both your lips should be locked and slowly caress against the other, tongues should come into play for intimacy. But a great kiss is that kiss that make you want each other badly.

  14. My first ever boyfriend was a good kisser, however my last ex, was like a washing machine when he put his tongue in. I mean how the hell do you manage to build that much saliva up in your mouth? I might aswell have kissed a slobbering bulldog. It did nothing for me. I don’t kiss and tell, but i thought i WOULD, this time, for a change. xD

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