10 Online Flirting Tips You Can’t Live Without

Think online flirting is for geeks and creepers? Think again! Without showing a bit of interest in singles you dig, you won’t get anywhere with online dating. Flirting is how everyone jumps into the game. While initial contact generally still falls to the male side of the court, the way a woman replies can continue or kill the relationship in a hurry. By knowing the do’s and don’ts of flirting online, you can have fun and enjoy the process of flirting with interested singles in your area.

  1. Use emoticons.

    Don’t overdo the emoticons, but it pays to toss out a few carefully chosen ones to show a bit of feeling (particularly if you’re flirting with women). Start out with a smile or a wink and move up from there.

  2. Tease a bit.

    If you want to show some interest, and find out how they respond to a bit of lighthearted teasing, try the waters a bit. Too sensitive? Too tough and heartless? It’s a fine line, but you’ll know when you’ve crossed it.

  3. Start off well.

    The first words you type in can either help you or hurt you. “Hey girl or “hi there, seem to be less threatening than tossing out crude jokes or anything that can be taken as a desperate call for a quick hook-up.

  4. Start a conversation.

    Ask a question about the person’s photo (do you kayak often then? Or, how many cats are in that picture with you?) Find something to say other than commenting on the person’s appearance.

  5. Ask questions. 

    Ask about movies, music, pop culture, or anything else that you think he or she is interested in. Bonus points to you if you remember what he/she answers another time you’re chatting.

  6. Don’t feel compelled to answer immediately.

    If someone’s flirting with you online, it doesn’t always require an instant response (particularly if you’re on a real-live date!). Give some space and show you have a life.

  7. Find a common interest and get him/her talking.

    Be a good listener. Don’t dominate the conversation.

  8. Be playful and show a sense of humor.

    Dating is not all about gothic romance and manic vampire novels, so don’t be afraid to be a little funny.

  9. Make it quick sometimes.

    Don’t drag out a long chat and make it all awkward. Be the one who’s mysterious and busy and you’ll be more in demand. If you’re always available until they sign off, you show signs of being desperate and lonely.

  10. Pass on funny videos or articles you’ve read lately.

    You spend time online, so show that you’re doing something interesting or smart while you’re here.

Remember that with online dating, people are going to fall for the way they feel when they’re around you and the way they feel when they’re chatting with you online. So make sure you’re a positive influence, you’re true and genuine to your real self, and that you aren’t always whining about something.

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