10 Simple Steps on How to Stop Masturbation Addiction

This is the last time I am doing it. I will not repeat this again. Come new year or new month, I will not masturbate again. If you have sworn by this but found yourselves slipping back, you are not alone. But quitting masturbation is not impossible.

According to a report by JAMA Network, masturbation is common in both males and females. However, it is more prevalent among men than women. Most people masturbate for pleasure or relieve masturbation. Though not considered harmful, if masturbation becomes compulsive, it is advisable to stop. You can hook up with a partner through online dating sites.

Just like in other addictions, determination is an essential part of stopping masturbation. In some cases, feelings of guilt and low self-esteem can result from wanking. When you have reached rock bottom and you want to call it quit, here are some tips to help you.

Guy wondering how to stop masturbation addiction

Accept it is Affecting You

The first step in quitting masturbation is the acceptance that it is a problem. Wanking can affect your relationship with your partner, create a feeling of guilt and even lower your productivity.

Once you’ve accepted masturbation as a problem, it is easier to go to the next step of facing it. If there is no apparent reason to stop masturbation, it might prove almost impossible.

Understand and Address the Root Cause

Masturbation does not just happen but there are triggers. Knowing the reason why you got and continue wanking is essential in your quitting journey. Some of the predisposing factors may include a lot of sensual content like videos, books, and movies. Lack of sexual gratification from your partner can also be a causative factor. You should address these factors first.

Stop Watching Pornography

In most cases, masturbation and pornography go hand in hand. It is difficult to address one without the other. You should be intentional about quitting watching pornography. The compulsion from porn might be too strong to overcome.

You can install porn blocking software on your devices. It is also advisable to throw out any provocative magazines and movies from your room or office. Masturbation thoughts always come when you are alone in secluded environments. Having such content within the premises will fuel the urge to masturbate.

Seek Professional Assistance

Masturbation can become an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and affect your life negatively. If your condition has gone to this level, seeking the assistance of a sexual psychologist will help. The specialists have the necessary experience and knowledge to help you quit masturbation. Some organizations like the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) can offer recommendations on the best professional to assist you.

Avoid Solitude

It is not possible to be in a public place or in the company of others always. But spending the amount of time you spend alone can help you reduce or avoid masturbation. You can invite or visit your family or friends for activities like watching movies or sports instead of doing it alone. The presence of others will help in diverting your attention from the urge to wank. You can also engage friends through top dating sites for a date instead of spending all your time in solitude.

Regular Exercise

Sexual energy can be diverted elsewhere. You can join a gym for workouts. Forming an exercise group for jogging and sports can also help in masturbation reduction. Accumulation of energy, loneliness, and stress can lead to masturbation. Exercises are very essential in using built-up energy and relieving stress.

Form or Join a Support group

Statistics have it that more than half of the world population masturbate or have ever masturbated. Unfortunately, most people are not willing to share their experiences to come together and overcome masturbation. Accountability is one of the best ways to stop masturbation. Having people you share the same objective can come in handy when you see others making it.

In such accountability groups, honesty becomes an essential element of success. You should share your experience and methods which have worked for you or others. In most neighborhoods, there are support groups you can join. You can consult your doctor for one that is ideal for you. In case there are none, there is no harm in starting one.

Get a Partner

Having a sexual partner reduces the urge to masturbate. However, this requires honesty because it can also affect the relationship. Let your partner know you are dealing with masturbation and you want to stop it. Honesty becomes an integral part of the process because your partner can keep you accountable.

You can engage potential partners through dating websites. You can find understanding individuals who are ready to help you overcome the behavior.

Take Account of Your time Alone

As earlier noted, it is almost impossible to avoid having instances where you are alone. Managing your time well in these periods and engaging in constructive activities is crucial in quitting masturbation.

You can identify your area of interest and use the time to improve your skills. Cooking as a hobby and reading non-sensual material can grab your attention. Consequently, you avoid thoughts that could lead to wanking.

Be Proud of Little Achievements

Stopping masturbation is more of a process rather than an event. Focusing on small achievements rather than the slips back to the habit will encourage you to do better tomorrow. You can journal those achievements and be proud of them.


Masturbation can be daunting if it negatively affects your life. It can lead to low self-esteem, addiction, or feelings of guilt. In such cases, stopping masturbation can be a good option. However, this process does not come easy but requires intentionality, honesty, and determination.

All should understand, you are not alone and there are people who are willing to walk with you. Find accountability groups and engage in constructive activities to divert your energy. If you follow the tips stipulated, you can overcome masturbation.

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