The idea of masturbation is self sexual pleasure. It has to do with caressing one’s private part with one’s hand(s) or with an object to trigger sexual desire and satisfaction. Another name for masturbation is solo-sex. This is because people who engage in the act are believed to be having sex with themselves.


On the contrary, masturbation seems to be sex with (an) imaginary partner(s). An imaginary sexual partner or partners is present or are present in the fantasy of anyone engaging in the act. When people masturbate, they have a partner or partners in mind, and they imagine having sex with them. Masturbation is common among both males and females. That is to say both males and females masturbate. But while it is one-dimensional among males, solo-sex is multidimensional among females.


Males masturbate in one primary way: they touch and caress their private part (the penis) in a way that gives them pleasure which is related to having sex. However, there are many forms that masturbation takes among females. One of such is the caressing of the vaginal with hand or hands – a pattern similar to males’ mode of masturbation. Another form of solo-sex among females involves the use of objects. Females use external objects including sex toys like vibrator and fruits like cucumber to stimulate their private part.

Guy thinking of side effects of masturbation


Below are some of the adverse effects of masturbation.

Masturbation Destroys the Physical Health of Human Beings:

You will begin to grow lean and tired from time to time if you masturbate excessively. And by the way, you will become unfit, and your life routines will become irregular. Resultantly, you will become lazy because you will no longer be able to function effectively at work. You will crave more rest or sleep to regain strength or masturbate again. Sex experts also claimed that masturbation leads to hurting one’s genitals.

Self pleasure Damages the Mental Health of Human Beings:

People who masturbate frequently experience many mental-related problems which include low confidence, low creativity, shame, depression, memory loss, etc. The imaginary encounters that masturbation offers usually make people who masturbate to be less confident in the real world. If a male continually masturbates to the fantasy of having sex with a particular lady but finds it impossible to have sex with such a lady in real life, depression might set in. Similarly, because masturbation requires full concentration, people who masturbate think a lot about it. This affects their memory and creativity to think about other things, and they end up being ashamed of themselves.

It Leads to Premature Ejaculation:

The goal of masturbation is ejaculation. People who masturbate argue that it is useful for stress management and sleep improvement. But, excessive masturbation is capable of training the body system to emit sexual fluids not long after stimulation. By implication, you will get used to ejaculating quickly if you are fond of masturbation. It becomes almost impossible for you to last longer in bed once masturbation becomes part of you. If you are lucky to have a partner who is not a fan of prolonged sexual intercourse, then you might be safe. But if your partner needs longer time, then your relationship will have problem and you are likely going to experience breakups.

Porn Addiction:

This is another dangerous side effect of masturbation. Consumers of porn are mainly people who masturbate. They watch porn to get erections more often than not. In other words, porn serves as the catalyst of erections for masturbation for these people. Thus, each time they want to masturbate, they are most likely going to watch porn. It may then be difficult for them to have an erection if porn is unavailable. What next? Erectile dysfunction also sets in!

No Stable Relationship:

A person who engages in self-pleasure will no longer enjoy sexual intercourse with his or her partner.  Meanwhile, not many partners will stay in a relationship where they are not needed for sexual pleasure.

Diseases and Infections: The last side effect of masturbation is disease and infections. A kidney and heart disease known as seminal emission is one of the problems of masturbation. Seminal emission occurs when the kidney and heart losses energy to incessant masturbation. This lead to health conditions, which traditional medical practitioners regards as severe problems. The most serious of them is the Deficiency Exhaustion Disease (DED). The DED disease is like the concept of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) in Western Medicine. This occurs when a man loses so much semen that he becomes enfeebled. All these emanate from the lose of much sperm, and can lead to critical problem called Qi Deficiency (QiD). The symptoms of QiD are; pains, dizziness, insomnia, muscle weakness, heart problems, infections.


There are many causes of masturbation but two out of them are ubiquitous and unruly. These two most popular and unavoidable causes are being single and lack of active partner. A lot of people resort to pleasuring themselves because they do not have a partner. While some people find it difficult to get a partner at all, some cannot get one on time. This explains why findings of different researches revealed that single males and females masturbate more frequently than those in a relationship. What this means is that one effective way of curbing masturbation is having a partner. It is important to prevent excessive masturbation because it is hazardous to human physical and mental well-being.

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