8 Bad Habits Will Destroy Your First Date

Going out on a first date with the person you met on an online dating site isn’t the most comfortable place for everyone. Besides that, if you are emotionally connected with the person involved, it can be even more nerve-racking. From deciding where to go, to what you are going to wear on your first date, there is plenty that might go wrong.

If you find yourself destroying your first date quite often, there are a few things that you should try and avoid. These things are usually the combination of your daily habits and jitters of the first date. To help you out with online dating, the following are the 8 bad habits that you should avoid during your first date.

bad habits will destroy first date

Bad Habits to Avoid On Your First Date

Talking About Your Past

The first date is about knowing each other well because you want to know if the first you met on an online dating site is right for you. If you have a habit of opening up about your private and past issues, your first date is the time to maintain silence about it. Dating is about the present and what you want from the future. There is no point cringing over the issues of the past. Avoid sharing sad stories on your first date.

If the two of you decide to continue after the first date – things will start to become more relevant. This is because then the other person would like to know everything that has happened in your life. Some of the things to avoid include your deepest fears, past relationships, and previous medical conditions.

Forgetting Your Manners

It is more probable that you have met through an online dating platform and barely know each other. Therefore, it is not one of those occasions where you should leave your manners at home. Most importantly, since it is your first date, it would happen in a public place, making your manners all the more crucial.

Do not talk with a mouth full of food or stretch your arms in the air, trying to look cool. Follow some etiquettes, including wearing the right clothes, choosing a public place to meet, and pulling the chair for the lady you met on an online dating site.

Do Not Try to Fake Yourself

Another common thing that most people try is to fake themselves on their first date. We get it, you are trying to impress your date, but continuously bragging about yourself is not going to do you any good. Even if what you are bragging is true, it is not going to do any good for your chances to get the second date.

Be honest upfront. You do not want to be in a situation where you lie at first, only to realize that the truth has prevailed on your fourth or fifth date. Be authentic and genuine. And if things have to work out between you, they will eventually.

Interrogating Your Date

Trying to make conversation and getting to the other person is what dating is all about. However, it is important to go easy on the questions you put forward. The tone and the voice of your questions should not make the other person that you are interrogating them. If you feel like the other person is not comfortable answering some of your questions, let it go.

Move on with your questions and make them feel comfortable. Talk about things that the person is comfortable with. You will get all the time to bond with your date if your first date goes all smooth.

Talking Too Much

Do not monopolize the conversation. If you like to speak, you will get the opportunity to share your side of the story. However, avoid talking too much. Give your date an equal chance to express themselves. If you constantly talk about yourself, without letting the person speak anything, you might look like a person who does not care about anyone else but themselves.

Prepare a few questions beforehand that you would like to ask the person you met through an online dating platform and initiate the conversation with it. This will help to avoid any awkward silences.

Avoiding the Bill

It is not that guys should always pay the bill. However, if you, as a guy has chosen the place for your first date, do not shy away from paying the bill. Chose a location where you are comfortable paying the bill for both the people. Although, if the other person insists on paying the bill, always offer to pay your share of the bill.

It might not seem right on your part to at least offer to pay the bill, even when the other person is insisting badly.

Forcing Intimacy

Forcing intimacy is one of the most common habits if you already feel attracted to the person you met on an online dating app. In such instances, controlling your emotions and feeling can seem difficult, leading you to force intimacy far too early. If you feel that the other person is on the same page as that of you, it is all right.

However, if you are not sure, ease through the conversation and see where it leads. It is important not to force anything on your first date, especially intimacy. Doing so will unsettle them, and they might back off, even before things start.

Overusing Smartphones

If you have the habit of overusing smartphones, think twice before you use them continuously in front of your first date. Not being able to put down your smartphone for more than 10 minutes can be an instant turn-off. Remember, you are there to know each other well and not to scroll through your social media feeds.

Avoid using your smartphones. If you receive constant notifications, put it on silent mode and concentrate on the conversation with your date.

Final Thoughts

Even if you are feeling overwhelming thinking about your first date, avoiding these 8 bad habits will ensure the best possible first date experience with the person you met through an online dating platform. Try to be genuine and show that you are interested in what they have to share with you. Go with confidence, and do not forget to ask for a second date, if you think you would like to see them again.

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