5 Reasons You Are Failing to Find Someone on an Online Dating Site

Failing on an online dating site? Online dating sites have become increasingly popular in terms of finding your better half and soul mate for the rest of your life. However, not everyone successfully gets their love-at first sight. Or, in the case of online dating, love at first text, easily.

Regardless of how attractive and funny you are in person, if your profile doesn’t show it well, your online dating game can be a big miss. This is because your profile, together with some other reasons, decides whether the swipe right is going to be a hit or miss for you.

You might have spent many hours viewing profiles and texting different people that you liked. In fact, you might even get a response, but unfortunately not from the cute guy or girl; you wanted to reply back to your “Hey there!’. Plot twist, the first text message is the one that decides whether you’ll be able to slide into their hearts through direct messages or not.

Are you sick of not being able to find the right person? Or by receiving texts from some weird creep that is catfishing on you? Don’t worry, as we have put together the top five reasons why your online dating game is going down. These tips will help you find your soulmate.

So, without much ado, let’s have a look at the 5 reasons why your online dating game isn’t working:

Guy is Failing to Find Someone on a dating site to propose

5 Reasons You Are Failing to Find Someone on an Online Dating Site

#1 Username, Decent And Not Cringe Worthy

Many people don’t realize it, but the username plays a big role in setting your impression. It decides whether the other person will text you back or not. There is little to no chance that you will get a text back from a handsome guy or gorgeous girl if you are having a cringe-worthy username like “princess Alexa” or username with unnecessary numbers like “ben3452930402”.

Usernames like these automatically take you down the lane where you end up with no replies from the person you want to text back. Hence a dead end to your online dating saga. There is plenty of fish in the sea on online dating sites, so don’t sell yourself short.

Therefore you should always try to stay different yet decent. It is always better to keep your username short and simple without any unnecessary emojis, numbers or symbols flooding in.

#2 The First Text Says It All

In real life, starting a conversation with “hey” or “hello” works out pretty well as that person is right there in front of you. However, this is not the case with online dating sites. The person you are trying to connect with most probably receives hundreds of messages. So, your simple “hi’ will be lost in the crowd.

Since the first text is the ice breaker, try not to make it lame and ruin it for yourself. Show the other person that you are genuinely interested in the conversation by sending a text that does not appear to be the “send to all” one.

Pay close attention to detail and pick out something from their profile to start the conversation. You can even start by decently complimenting them, and try not to overkill it.

Compliment the things that people put their effort into like their dressing sense or the way they have done their hair in the pictures. This is a MUST when you want to seal the deal on an online dating site. A cute compliment raises the chances of the other person going like “aww” and texting you back.

#3 Profile Picture

No matter how beautiful you are in real life, if your profile picture doesn’t show it, no one would fall for you easily at first sight. Some people have little to no idea how their profile picture tends to make a big impression on the other person. No one likes a picture with flash on, as it takes around 6-7 years on your age.

Similarly, mirror selfies are not such a great idea. Firstly, they are overrated. And, secondly, people are more interested in seeing your face on an online dating app rather than which iPhone you have, unless it’s a gold digger. To get the “picture-perfect,” try to add a full-body picture.

You never know but the other person might be more attracted to your muscular physique than your cute smile.

#4 Your General Profile

Words have great power as they can make the other person’s heart sore or soar. If you want to compel the other person to text back, then set an impression with your words. A woman is most likely to talk to a funny guy rather than someone who only has looks and is boring in conversation.

When it comes to online dating sites, everyone flaunts their personality. Most of the profile descriptions are like “I am funny and cute; I can make you laugh.” This is where they fail to realize that such lines result in the left swipe as they appear highly unattractive.

Try to bring out your inner Shakespeare and say it out loud with your profile description. Keep it short, simple yet loaded with attraction info.

Instead of writing ‘I love adventures”, go for something like, “if you like to snorkel with dolphins and enjoy a smoothie on the warm beach, I can be your perfect partner for that.”

#5 The More The Texts, The Greater The Chances

If you are a guy, then know this! Women reply to only 4-5 percent of the texts that they receive online. Therefore, to make your place in the magical low percentage, text as many people as you can at a time.

Moreover, make sure that you don’t start the conversation with a boring text. Instead, carve your path to their hearts with a not-so cheesy and cute text.

Wrap Up!

Now you know why you were failing to find your significant other on an online dating site? It could be your profile that has landed you amongst the lost crowd. And, due to which you barely get a text back from the right person.

By following the tips mentioned above, you would hopefully get a text back. Who knows a cute guy or girl might be convinced to text you first after viewing your profile.

With these tips on your fingertips, you would be out there and dating in no time and will not end up searching for tips to level your game up on online dating sites again.

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