5 Out-of-the-box Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

couple is on a date, drinking wines and laughing

The standard dinner-and-a-movie date is ready to be updated. Valentine’s Day is all about romance, and nothing is more romantic than showing your date that you are trying to come up with fun and exciting new things to do together (both in and out of the bedroom). You can keep it low-key or go over the top with these date ideas, depending on how much effort you put into it. These out-of-the-box date ideas are great for new relationships as well as for spicing up a long-standing relationship.

Take a Class Together

There are hundreds of community classes you can take on all different topics, from steamy hot yoga to cooking, and from gemology to tango dancing. Sign up for a class based on an interest that you and your date have in common, or pick one based off your date’s hobbies (bonus points for that!). Whether the class is a one-time event or extends over several weeks, it gives you an opportunity to learn something together and try out a new skill, which is a great bonding experience.

Random Banding

If you live in or near a larger city, chances are that any number of bands are playing gigs in a variety of places. Check out online event sites to see where bands are playing, with points for attending concerts from bands you’ve never heard of before. Rate each band’s performance as if you were famous music critics.

Traveling Dinner

There’s nothing wrong with going out to eat. After all, everyone gets hungry at some point, and hungry dates can get cranky. So feed him or her, but do it in different places. Start with appetizers and drinks at one place, an entrée somewhere else, and dessert in yet a third place. This is an even better idea if you can easily walk from one restaurant or bar to another, or if there’s a park nearby where you can go for a stroll in between courses. Bonus points from cupid if it ends with wine and dessert at your apartment, in front of a roaring fireplace.

Leave It to Chance

You and your date each pick three things to do and three nearby cities and write them on slips of paper. Put the activity options into one hat and the destination options into another, and then take turns picking one paper from each to determine what you’ll be doing first and where. Depending on how much time (and money) you have, you can choose how many more options to randomly draw.

Thrift Shop Scavenger Hunt

This is fun to do on a group date or just the two of you: make up a list of items that you will need to find in a thrift store and then go shopping. Meet up at the designated time and see who found the most items on their list. Take pictures of your bounty, or hand the items out to random strangers (ask if you can take a picture of them and you while they hold their new gift). After the evening is over, you can re-donate any leftover items to the thrift store.

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