Valentine’s Day Ideas for New Relationships


The day of love and passionate declaration can feel extremely awkward if you’re still in the early stages of your relationship, like, as awkward as sitting next to a couple who are totally making out at the movies. On this day where everyone seems to want to feel loved and adored, what are you supposed to do if you’ve just been on a few dates with someone, or if you haven’t reached exclusive dating stage yet? Here are tips for getting through this holiday and on to the next stage in your relationship.

Dating surveys show that most people don’t expect a romantic dinner at home for Valentine’s Day until you’ve been dating at least two or three months. If you’re in the middle of a fast moving relationship, you are the best judge as to whether you should plan a romantic evening.
  • If you’ve just been dating a few weeks, going out to dinner at a sexy restaurant is a pleaser. Making your new date dinner at your apartment may seem a bit forward, or too intimate, so instead try going out to a slightly nicer restaurant than the type of restaurant you usually visit together. If you usually just do drinks, try a full dinner.
  • If you’re unsure about whether to make a big deal of Valentine’s Day, talk to your new girlfriend/boyfriend about how you’ll celebrate. Chances are, your date is feeling just as confused as you are. Nobody wants to be the one who forgot or just didn’t make the effort, but it can also be awkward to push more romance out of the day than you’re really ready for.
  • Planning an outfit for Valentine’s Day? Wearing red might make you more attractive. One recent study showed that women who were either wearing red or standing in front of red backgrounds were perceived as being more physically attractive and more sexually desirable.
  • Sure it’s Valentine’s Day, but if you’re in the early stages of a relationship, fashion experts say you shouldn’t dress too provocatively. Women, wear something that shows off your figure without being too low cut or too short. If it’s blousy on top, wear something fitted on bottom. Men, dress up a bit to fit the location and pay attention to your grooming. A clean-shaven jaw is sexier to many women than a shirt buttoned low.
  • Put on some fragrance. Believe it or not, the way you smell on a date says as much about you like the way you look. Make sure you dress it up a bit with an appealing fragrance. Don’t overdo it, since that might seem like you’re trying to seduce your date. Keep it light, but go for something that smells sensual.

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