5 Reasons You’re Still Lonely Even Though You Use Dating Apps

lonely on Dating App


By Noogie

#1 – Scammers / Fake Profiles

Scammer on the internet

We cannot deny that there are many scammers and fake profiles on dating apps. We have this issue at Mingle2 but we have a dedicated team to assuring our community has minimal scammers and fake profiles.


It is quite difficult to fully eliminate these type of users on any dating app because it is difficult to strike the balance between making it easy for users to sign up and find someone immediately and verifying users who sign up are real people through a meticulous admin process. It’s difficult for all dating apps to find the right balance.


Because there are scammers and fake profiles in dating apps, encountering these users can really turn you off from dating apps and make you discouraged to pursue meeting a potential love interest in your life.


Be aware, they are on there to take advantage of you and will say all the right things to make you feel special in order to get something in return, most likely money.


Don’t lose hope if you encounter these users. Stay persistent in finding that special someone but also be very careful of what type of information you provide to the person you’re chatting with.


Any users asking you for sensitive information, especially anything financially related, PROCEED WITH EXTREME CAUTION


Everything might feel right and magical in the beginning, but always stay cautious and skeptical.


Understand that with dating apps, encountering scammers and fake profiles is part of the experience and this is the nature of the beast.


#2 – Inactive Accounts



Part of the dating app experience is seeing and reading a perfect profile that really catches your eye that you feel so compelled to “like” or message the user only to be waiting forever and never receive a reply.


Dating apps love to show as many users as they can to give users the feeling that there are more users than there really are.


Fortunately, at Mingle2 we do our best eliminate as many inactive accounts as possible as we already have millions of users on our platform. However, we still have our share of users who show up in the meet section who are inactive.


If you find yourself messaging or liking profiles only to receive nothing in return, this is another situation where you shouldn’t be discouraged from using dating apps. Because you are not receiving a response, you may feel like you’re not attractive enough or need to change their profile picture. Don’t let those thoughts enter your mind. Most likely you simply liked a profile who is no longer active, which means that the receiver never even saw your message, to begin with. So why feel down?


Getting discouraged while using dating apps is very common, especially when you receive no responses and you have high expectations while using the apps.


Lower your expectations, get the hang of encountering a lot no responses and stay persistent and you’ll eventually find someone worth your while.  


#3 – People’s Purpose to Use Dating Apps

People's Purpose to Use Dating Apps


We are living in the world of the hookup culture and dating apps have made it easier than ever before to accomplish that mission. Most dating app users are not looking for love. They are looking for quick actions to cure their loneliness for one night.


Many women will encounter a bunch of men who are insanely aggressive sexually in the early going of chatting with someone on dating apps. This is a normal encounter and a part of the whole dating app experience. As for men, it will be the opposite of what women experience which is little to no responses and women looking for something intimate.


Of course, this is just a generalization of what we noticed in our own platform.


However, there are still plenty of people on dating apps who are looking for true love. It will take some time, but there are still a lot of users out there who want the same thing you want.


Like I’ve mentioned in the previous 2 items, in order to get want you want from dating apps you need persistence and to not be discouraged when things get bleak. The ratio of people looking for hookups compared to people who are looking for true love is very lopsided, but it doesn’t mean it is impossible. Lower your expectations on who you will find and when things will happen and things will begin to fall into place as it is a gradual learning process on how to really find what you want and need from your dating app.


#4 – You Aren’t Taking Initiative

You Aren't Taking Initiative on Dating App


Okay… I’ve listed a few reasons on why you are still lonely even though you use dating apps that are completely out of your control. But these next 2 reasons are solid reasons why you are holding yourself back from finding someone special.


The first reason is you’re just sitting back and watching the world go by. You’re hoping someone will connect with you even though you are browsing through profiles constantly. On top of that, you’re not even swiping right or “liking” other profiles. You’re waiting for someone else to make the first move.


If you want to wait until the right person connects with you first… you might be waiting for eternity.


Of course, you may have heard of other people’s success stories, but that’s a rare case on how smooth it all happens. Possible but not probable.


If you want to avoid being alone, you need to take action. It’s as simple as that.


You’re going to encounter some strange folks, fall in love too quickly, or even get your heart broken… but that’s just part of the journey and experience you’ll need to find the one. Keep moving forward, expect failure, and never give up.


#5 – You’re Too Picky

Picky on Dating app


Here are the final reason and one of the biggest reasons you’re still lonely even though you use dating apps… you’re too picky! That’s right! I’m not saying you should completely lower your standards, but you’re raising the bar too high that no one can possibly reach it.


In some cases, people are reaching for people way out of their league. When they don’t receive any responses, they blame dating apps in general instead of assessing the situation for what it actually is… being way too picky and going out of your league and simply getting rejected.


Dating apps are the ultimate judging a book by its cover environment because you cannot possibly get a good feel for the other person based on just photos and a filled in profile page.  


At Mingle 2, we were the first social dating app to implement videos as part of people’s profiles… but you still can’t get the real feel for the person from a 10-second clip. It helps to figure out if the user is real or not, but you cannot get the complete picture.


You need to get over judging people by their looks in order to find someone special.


There are a lot of fantastic people out there who are capable of treating you the right way who are genuine and honest, but maybe their profile photo was horrible or they weren’t exactly what you wanted physically in a mate. But there is more to people than just looks. If you view the world and others that way, don’t be surprised when the world judges you the same way.


Thanks for reading our blog. We hope you learned some knowledge about the world of dating apps and how you can overcome loneliness by taking action, persevering, and being open to new experiences.


Stay tuned for our new weekly blog posts. This is Noogie signing out and we hope you have a wonderful week!


I edit posts for this Mingle2 online dating blog. I love articles about dating, useful tips for online dating, and all the information related to it. Hope these articles will be useful to you.

4 comments On 5 Reasons You’re Still Lonely Even Though You Use Dating Apps

  • You said that you will be waiting for eternity.
    How could it be? All numbers are kept secret by you how can I connect myself? In last month, I was in the list of those who were qualified to be connected. When I called that number, man’s voice told me to pay him? Why should I don’t wait for the right person?

  • LovelyAsnasn,Hyderabad.India.

    hi mingle 2 block.
    Just read yur blog on about dating aps.Its very inforamtive.Perfect analysisi has been done by ur staff.I have just registered on mingle 2 may be ong back.just u forgot , i too forgot.but since recent three mnths u sent one mail.i responded.i have put myphotos.many likes,responses do come to me.but in India i found many girls jsut register to do business of calling males pretending provide escort services,request to pay amount first.later say thath u have to pay aditional. like this they are cheating many of the girls doing this.

    I am suprised to see so many young college girls mostely.no employee i dound.mostely only for mankng business for theimselves.

    I wish such people may be discouraged.By having some check.I feel u have many girls,but no ne is for friendshp,chating.dating.Mostely for taking our no and wats to get their business of cheating males by collecting soe omney as a registration fees.then they calim u should pay ten thousand for meeting client.after goin to hotel,ask to saty in reception.again they say pay another Rs. 5000/ as client is fro other aget.finally they sorry.Thisis what happening.

    SO as a senior I request to have filter & check such people.entry form u put clause.r u becomeing meember for yourself fo rfun or for making some business out of this site.

    Good Luck Mingle2 staff & Team.

  • Mingle2 should delete ads with no user sign in after 6 months; I’ve seen ads YEARS later after deactivating and reactivating the same profile. Scammers and spammers are a huge problem, requiring things like a database of banned ads and photos to be checked against when a new ad posts, and it is still a manual job to ensure valid ads aren’t blocked/deleted.

    As for personal results, since I’m not a rich, endowed, successful meal ticket for the princesses and golddiggers, I get about as much attention as a white crayon on white paper.

    • Hi there,

      Thank you for using our app.

      I understand that advertisement may have a bad impact on users’ experience in the app. However, because our app is basically free, this is the way we make additional income from the app. We tried to minimize the number of ads as well as put them in a convenient position to improve users’ experience with the app.

      If you wouldn’t like to see ads , I suggest you may upgrade your account to Power Account. Besides ads elimination, there are also several awesome advanced features for Power Account users that you may discover yourself.

      About scammers and spammers, First of all, we sincerely apologize for your experience. We have an admin team who work 24/7 to make sure our community clean and safe for all users. Unfortunately, you may encounter all kinds of people in the dating apps.

      In case you run into a suspicious profile, please report immediately and send the information to us. We would investigate and ban it if that was a fake one because we never allow bad activity in our community.

      Based on our experience, we have noticed users who ask people to join another network or who are serving in the military has a high chance rate of being a scammer. You should be cautious of those types of users. When users ask you to join another network such as Skype or Whatsapp, they are usually talking to you on a platform where we cannot assist or help you if you encounter any issues. And usually those other platforms make it impossible to track down those type of users as well due to privacy laws. Thus, we recommend you avoid taking your conversation to another platform unless you feel like you can really trust this person after engaging with a conversation with them for awhile, not immediately.

      Warm regards,

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