How Much Does a Polar Bear Weigh? Enough to Break the Ice!

You meet a girl you like in gatherings with friends and you get her number but you don’t know how to open? At these times, the way of texting is extremely important. This is an opportunity to help the relationship become natural, easy and comfortable to develop. In this case, you might wanna ask her: How much does a polar bear weigh?

But, if you make a mistake right from this important step, your impression of that girl will be very bad. And sometimes your relationship will have to stop immediately. The instructions below will help you do that.

How to text with your girlfriend, which is not boring: It is indispensable for a greeting 

– Greetings are indispensable in any conversation in daily life, especially when you want to impress the other person.

– Sending a greeting is the least polite you need to show your girlfriend. However, you should not just say hello (very dry and stereotyped). Therefore, after a greeting, you should include an additional question to find common interest in a conversation.

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how much does a polar bear weigh

How to start a text message conversation with a girl or crush

– These topics can revolve around interests, an acquaintance or can also be a general question to stimulate curiosity.

– However, one thing to note is that you should not start with the yes-no question, because this answer is not constructive for the following conversation. Ask questions that can be answered in a variety of ways, develop conversations to find interesting points from the other person, make it easy for your girlfriend to share information about yourself.

– For example: Instead of asking, “Do you like cartoons?” You can get a short answer: yes or no. Ask what kind of movie do you like to get a longer and more specific answer and find your opponent’s interests. 

Note for texting with your girl

Girls often like the fun, sneaky and this is also the basis for extending a conversation. You can tell a joke, use alternating emoticons during texting to show playfulness and have a little flirt. However, do not use symbols that are too shocking, may be offensive or create a feeling too bold or insolent. 

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And be careful not to use too many emoticons, because they can be confusing and offensive.

– One of the taboo things when texting your girlfriend is the state of overwhelming asking, “like interrogating”, asking according to the formula.

– Questions like “how many people are your family”, “what do your parents do”, “how old are you”, … become too boring to start a text message. Good lunch wishes, good morning too. In order to impress crushes, you need to cleverly find more interesting topics instead of too stereotyped questions.

– In particular, do not foolishly ask questions such as “do you have a lover yet?”  

– You should not start talking to your girlfriend with questions that are too personal such as “Do you like a person like me?” “What is your ideal type of man?”. Because these “difficult questions” are easily frightening, you can pressure a relationship that has not yet been formed.  

How to start a conversation with a girlfriend by: Talking about hobbies 

– Starting a text-based conversation about your girlfriend’s interests is a traditional but guaranteed 100% success. You can leave a casual sentence like, “I see you’re interested in the book launch tomorrow. Do you also like that author’s book? ”

– From there, ask her what she thinks or what book series she would recommend, think about other works of the same genre,… This is a great topic for girls to share and find sympathy and trust from the opposite person.

how much does a polar bear weigh pic 3

This is also an excuse for you to develop a relationship and invite her to go along with events in the field she likes and become friends in the most natural way.

– In the message, you should also add a few of his views on, do not let her share because it will be very boring soon. If both of you disagree, it’s okay to debate peacefully and happily. A little disagreement will make the relationship more interesting. However, don’t insist on being right and disrespectfully reject her opinion.

We hope that with sharings on How Much Does a Polar Bear Weigh? Enough to Break the Ice!,  it will help you to approach your girl you like.

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