How to be a good girlfriend in 5 ways

How to be a good girlfriend? Surely that is a question you always ask yourself. Here are the essential tips for you to become a better girlfriend in the eyes of your lover!

Give him his own space

A lot of guys have complained that their girlfriend always makes them “suffocate” because they never give them a bit of their own space and that makes them feel depressed, often irritable. If you are a girl who always hangs out next to your guy, you should “relax” the space that dominates him. Because he also wants to have his own space to think, do his favorite things … and he doesn’t want you to invade all spaces that belong to privacy. 

how to be a good girlfriend

So to be a good and perfect girlfriend, the first thing you should do is to give him his own space.

Praise him

The compliments are always one of the things the guys want to hear because they feel like they’re more important. You may not be sincere when praising him because he is not intelligent, funny or interesting but you can find his highlights, the things he deserves praise for.

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When you praise him, you make the atmosphere between you two more comfortable, he will be confident and less jealous.

Help and support him

If your guy is having a hard time working … To be a good girlfriend, you need to help more and support him as much as possible. If you also feel confused and awkward about his difficulties, you just need to focus on listening to what he has to say and jut show  sympathy and fear for that misfortune.  

He also needs to have time for his friends  

Just like you, you need to have different times of the day to meet, chat, socialize with your girlfriends then he also needs to have some private time with his friends. Therefore, appreciate his needs and let him be comfortable with friends. When he realizes that you never complain or complain about this, he will definitely appreciate your sincerity and attention!

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When you are in love, please care for him with your heartfelt love.

Be yourself

When starting a relationship, the important thing you need to do is to be honest with the person you love (and even yourself) about who you are. Know your limitations and take pride in your strengths and strive to maintain your personality. That’s what makes you two always find each other’s good points and find some benefits from them. Therefore, you should constantly be self-serving to your interests and needs, not just focus on your guy. You must have other important things to care about in your life. Of course, you should also spend time together – but you should also spend time with your family and friends.

Always be confident because being confident will help you become attractive in the eyes of the person you love and those around you. It will also help you believe in your values, interests and opinions.

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