How to Date a Beardsman



There’s something about the unbridled manliness of a beard that adds unmistakable sex appeal. According to a recent study in Australia, women rate men with facial hair as more attractive than clean-shaven men.

Dating a man with a beard brings up many questions, like: what’s it like to kiss a man with the beard? What does he look like underneath the facial hair? And of course the final question: will his friends ever stop talking about the beard? Here are the do’s and don’ts of dating a man with a beard.

The Eyes Have It

While having a conversation with a man with a beard, do not stare at his beard instead of looking into his eyes. This might sound funny but it is actually a common complaint amongst Beardsmen (men with beards) and it gets annoying. The next time you’re at a bar and a guy with a full beard walks up, watch and see how many people are looking at his beard instead of at his eyes when he is talking.

Love the Beard, Love the Man

The first tip on dating a beardsman: never insist that your man shave off his beard (unless you also happen to be his military commanding officer). Let your man be a man. Give him the freedom to make his own fashion choices and you can expect the same consideration. Do you really want him telling you that you can’t wear your favorite color or suggesting that you need eyelash extensions?

Kissing a Man with a Beard

Using Beard Oil or beard conditioner daily will make his beardless bristly and make it less irritating to your skin when you kiss. In general, kissing a man with a slightly longer beard is less irritating to the skin than making out with a guy with short, bristly stubble. If your man starts growing his beard out and you find it hard to bear because of this bristly stage, just be patient, because eventually, it will soften up.

Groom It Well, Men

Although it’s tempting for women to pass out facial hair grooming advice to men, it’s kind of a man to man thing. A lot of women jump in and offer advice on how to care for a beard, thinking it’s the same thing as caring for hair on your scalp. Not true, ladies. Caring for a beard is totally different. If you treated your beard the same way you treat a head of hair, you would have a frizzy, wiry, tangled mess. If your man is asking for some advice or wants to know what you find attractive, point him to some good online resources. Show him beard styles you think would suit his style and appearance. Hook him up with some beard care products. Texas Beard Company offers quality products for the full-bearded, cowboy type, while Beardbrand caters to the more urban type.
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