Ways To Turn On A Sapiosexual

Sapiosexuals can be difficult to turn on. They’re hardly moved by our everyday romantic gestures. Appeasing and gaining the attention of a sapiosexual requires an understanding of what makes them tick.

However, since the inception of the term in 1998, we’ve had few researchers and scholars venture into the study of sapiosexuals. This making it difficult to find valuable materials on and offline, leaving us in the dark. But being in love with a sapiosexual will demand that you go the extra mile. And that’s what we have done for you.

In this article, you’ll discover everything that will turn on your sapiosexual.

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Who is a Sapiosexual? 

A sapiosexual is simply a person who is sexually attracted to intelligence and prioritizes it above other attributes and features. Any sexual orientation can be sapiosexual, making it a universal sexual identity rather than an orientation. 

A sapiosexual is literally in love with your brain and whatever unique skill you seem to acquire. If you’re currently dating a sapiosexual, then chances are there that above all things, you’re an incredibly smart person. And if you’re skillful, that’s a major icing on the cake. 

However, the sapiosexual space has been proliferated with fakes; a craze that was birthed on the internet by those who seek to escape the traditional sexual binaries. This craze is part of a bigger craze of identifying as unique in all aspects of life. 

Notwithstanding the conceptual dilemma that surrounds sapiosexuality, it still refers to a preference for intelligence and smartness. Whether it is a fetish or mistaken sexual identity, a sapiosexual still leans towards intelligence. 

6 Ways To Turn On A Sapiosexual. 

How do you enjoy a relationship with your sapiosexual partner? If you’re like most people, curious and probably out of ideas, then this article is for you. 

  • Keep Focusing On Your Hobbies And Interest

We sometimes make the mistake of mirroring others, in the hope that they’ll see themselves in us and like us. While this may work to improve political and economic relationships, it’ll only kill your chances with a sapiosexual. Since sapiosexuals love intelligence, remaining in your sphere of influence will only help them appreciate you better. Seeing that you can accomplish something that may be out of their intellectual reach instantly turns them on. 

Keep pursuing your dreams, aspirations, and interests. Let these ignite a fire in you that translates into a marvelous work of art that’ll leave your partner drooling. 

However, focusing on yourself doesn’t mean ignoring the unique qualities of your partner. Not all sapiosexuals are turned on by everything that looks nerdy. Learn their interests and explore them together. One of the easiest ways to know your partner is by browsing their bookshelf or Netflix.

  • Visit The Museum

A great way to improve intimacy is investing in spaces that are drenched with culture as it’ll ignite intellectual conversations, paving the way to learn new things. Sapiosexuals, more than anything, are delighted at the opportunity to learn something new. By visiting such places together, you get to learn a couple of new things about your partner. You learn their school of thought and their philosophy. You’ll also have several topics to talk about when you are alone, together. 

  • Allow Your Sapiosexual Partner To Teach You

While it is intelligence and skillful brilliance that attracts a sapiosexual, these guys still do not mind being the most intelligent person in the room, even for a couple of hours. Sapiosexuals don’t expect their partners to know everything there is to know. So if your intelligence is failing you at some point, don’t be shy to transfer the baton. Feel no pressure with your partner, and watch how smoothly your relationship shall flourish.

On the other hand, trying too hard to manifest intelligence would put off most sapiosexuals. Freely expressing a weakness in a subject matter automatically grants you a loving space in the heart of a sapiosexual. So, take a break and learn all the things you don’t know.

  • Ask Taboo Questions 

Intelligent people are never scared of facing tough questions, quite the opposite. An intelligent sapiosexual will appreciate you better if you come head-on with your tough questions. Harm yourself with information and necessary data to uncover challenging questions. 

With a sapiosexual, you’re also free to ask those questions that are considered out of place. For example, you both can talk about past relationships, cherished moments from your past, and so on. 

  • Use Full Words And Correct Grammar On Social Media

Internet users try to justify abbreviations because of their inherent time-saving attributes. However, using abbreviations unruly, without necessary cause is a turn-off for most people, especially sapiosexuals. Sapiosexuals are attracted to people who adhere to proper traditional grammar, of any language, including your written skills online. Sharpen both your verbal and written skills and watch your sapiosexual partner drool all over you. 

  • Share your passion.

Your sapiosexual will instantly jump at any opportunity to learn more about you as it allows them the opportunity to further navigate your intelligence. By unmasking your passion with every action or word you utter, a sapiosexual is more aroused. 

Whatever your interest may be, adding passion and energy when communicating it with your partner aggravates their interest in you. Even if your interest is almost insignificant in the grand scheme of things, be sure to still add passion. 

Conclusively, turning on a sapiosexual requires less of your physical attributes and more of your mental abilities. Present your nerdy side to your sapiosexual without fear. Communicate your interests and likes with passion. And never be scared of asking taboo questions. However, in all your intellectual flaunting, make sure to provide your partner with the opportunity to take the intellectual driver’s seat. 

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