How to have a successful relationship

By L.a.

Congratulations to you on finding your love; however, the most important thing in a relationship is how to make it long-lasting and both of you can end up with a happy ending. 

For today’s entry, we will discover how to have a successful relationship. Moreover, I will give you some advice to keep your passion in love. 

After research from psychology sites, reading books, and conducting surveys with people around me, I conclude that there are 4 main factors which make a couple happy. 


How to have a successful relationship
A happy couple

According to The Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood, “Distance doesn’t separate people. Silence does…”

Communication is a very significant part of any relationship, especially in love. 

When you communicate with your partner, you give them a chance to understand more about you, as well as give yourself an opportunity to open your heart and welcome love. 

One of my close friends is currently studying in England. More than one month before she decided to go there, she fell in love with her current sweetheart. They just had one month together before she moved to another country. At that time, no one believed that her love could go that far. 

She shared the secret key to be happy in love is communication. 

“Although we just dated around 1 month before I left for England, we kept communicating with each other. You know, communication is the connection. The more we talk to each other, the more we understand and love each other. At first, I thought that Jerry (her boy’s friends name) is a nice, humorous and negligent guy, but when I communicate with him, I found that he is very caring, mature and thoughtful. I think that no one can understand me like him” – she added. 

Up to now, they have been 4 years together although it is a long-distance relationship and I believe that nothing can change their love now. 

Indeed, communication is the connection. Communicating creates understanding and empathizing. Like what I said in my previous blog, “love starts with attraction but builds with shared values”. So, how to share values? It’s absolutely by communicating. Love will be long-lasting as long as you are communicating. So, if you want to be a happy couple, remember that you should communicate with each other. 

Distance doesn’t separate people. Silence does…

Be honest, trust each other

How to be happy in the relationship
Honesty and trust are very important in a relationship

Trust is one of the important parts of a healthy relationship. Trust creates the sustainability of any relationship, especially in love. If you believe in your relationship, then no matter what obstacles you and your partner encounter, both of you will hold hands to overcome it together. Without mutual trust, you can be in doubt. Typically, when a pair faces a difficult situation, you will doubt each other’s ability. If there is minimal trust, that can lead to a dispute and your love will gradually come to an end. 

For example, when a woman suspects her partner’s faithfulness, she will keep texting him to just ask what is he doing or where is he. This makes the couple feel stressful, and of course, the argument is unavoidable. If the relationship is no longer healthy, it will end soon.

Unfortunately, people who broke up from a doubtful and insecurity relationship will later lose confidence and trust in love.

So, if you want a serious relationship, then what you need to do is to believe in your partner, as well as be honest and sincere. If you can do that, then you receive the trust of your sweetheart. 

Humans are luckier than other species because we can feel love and be loved, so don’t let the suspicions bury your luck.

Don’t stop renewing your relationship

How to be successful in the reletionship
A happy couple travels together

As a rule of life, if something doesn’t change or has nothing new, they will become old and forgotten. Everything in this world is constantly changing; otherwise, it will be eliminated. Even love, if there is nothing new, the couple will soon feel bored. Consequently, the breakup will happen. 

In my opinion, love is a game with two players. However, this kind of love game is different from others because both players will win if they are side by side to deal with any problem, or both will lose if one of them gives up on the game

If it is a game, then the players can’t just stay at one level day after day. To make players satisfied and interested, this game should have leveling, promotion or reward. It is similar to a relationship, to be healthy and successful, your relationship needs more spices. And how to have more spices? It depends on every person in the pair. You need to refresh yourself, to chase your partner and be chased by them. 

For women, you should be fresh and beautiful. Even if you date each other for a long time,  you still need to refresh yourself a little bit by changing your hairstyle or style occasionally, cooking meals for him and so on 

With men, let give her a gift without any special occasion or surprise her by picking her up at the workplace or buy her a coffee. 

In fact, the couples will sometimes get bored with each other even though they date or get married.  

One of my friends confided to me that she and her lover had known each other for a year but somehow she felt bored with him. 

My friend is a pretty and charming lady so she is pursued by many men. As a result, she can’t avoid comparing her boyfriend to others. (Do not rush to evaluate her when you reading this because after all, she is still a woman, she is still weak and needs to be loved). She told me that there was nothing new between them. I explained to her that it is a temporary feeling which every couple will experience. Then, I suggest that she should confess her feelings to him, have a tour together and some other advice to surprise him. One month later, she told me that it was the best memory ever in one year they have been together. 

They traveled to many romantic places, had romantic dinners and so on. 

You see, love always needs something new to become more wonderful. If you’re feeling bored with your relationship, or want it to be better, don’t stop refreshing it. 

Respect each other’s space

How to be successful in your relationship
Respect your partner to will help your relationship long-lasting

Love does not mean you and your sweetheart always be together. Ultimately, the two people are still separate individuals, so they need space for their own life. No matter how harmonious both of you are, each of you needs to have your own space. Many psychological studies have shown that a person will become more attractive to their partner if they have other concerns and their own personal lives.

Also, when you give your partner space, you have time to focus on yourself. After work, instead of having a date with her/him, you can go out with your coworkers, learn new things to improve yourself or go to the gym. That not only makes your life richer but also makes your partner feel you are interesting and mysterious. Then, they will become more curious about you and keep pursuing you day by day. 

Giving them their own space is also a way to express your respect for their privacy. There is an ugly truth that before you came to his/her life, they had other concerns such as personal interests, friends, work and family.

Even if you become a part of their lives, let them have their own space. Asking yourself why you love them? It is because they are who they are- a person who has a job, have other relationships with their friends, family, and personal interests, right? 

But if you don’t give them time for those things anymore, they may become a different person. So are you sure you won’t change your mind, still love them if they won’t be who they are anymore?

From my personal point of view, finding true love is difficult but it is not hard to make it a successful one as long as both of you love each other and definitely choose him/ her as your last person. Then, no matter what happens, both of you will hold hand to overcome together. 

Hopefully, you will find your destiny very soon because everyone deserves to love and to be loved.

I’m thinking about part 2 of this topic. If you are interested in or you have any feedback about this topic or any suggestion about other factors to have a successful relationship, please leave a comment to share with me.

Thank you very much for reading this entry. Also, don’t forget to check Mingle2 out 😉! See you again!

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