How To Keep a Conversation Going With Your Partner?

A relationship will reach a point of decline no matter the amount of invested effort. Every relationship goes through that stage and requires resuscitation before the spark of the relationship dies off. A relationship can become dull when one party develops a new interest outside the purview of their partner. That’s why it is crucial to update yourself about your partner and vice versa. It helps you engage your partner in lengthy and relevant conversations. Irrelevant and short conversations will drive a spear through the heart of any relationship. So, it’s vital to keep a conversation going if you care about those relationship butterflies.

How then do you keep a conversation going with your partner? First, you should learn new things about your partner by inculcating the habit of regular communication.

Schedule time for communication whenever you’re away from your partner and develop creative means to have healthy conversations.

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Keep reading to discover creative ways to keep a conversation going.

Open-Ended Questions

An unwritten rule of having conversations is that you should never ask questions that’ll require only a yes/no answer. Conversations like that are quick to die as they cannot span for long. Yes/no questions are dull, and forcing life into them will always be futile. Instead of just asking how your partner’s day was, spice it up by asking creative questions that will answer your question and more. 

Ask specific questions and give your partner room to answer them. Listen attentively to ask more specific questions.

Learn about your partner if you’re in doubt of relevant questions to ask. Discover your partner’s interests and leverage them during your next conversation.

Have healthy debates

You and your partner do not have to agree on everything. But disagreeing should never look like war. You’re different people and will have distinct ideas and reactions. A healthy debate helps couples address vital things in their relationships with maturity.

Talking out issues is a criterion for any healthy relationship. Your conversations will get more exciting, and your relationship will grow stronger.

Talk at work

If you’re only talking at night or at weekends, then you’re doing yourself a disservice. We spend most of our time at work while some even carry work back home. That’s why speaking to each other during working hours is vital. It increases the quality time shared, and when you both eventually met in person, you’d have more than enough for conversations.

Share everything

You are not required to share every secret in your life with your partner, but to keep the conversation exciting between you two, you need to share some personal stuff. Sharing personal things improves trust, romance, and love.

Talk about your plans.

Talking about your plans with an interested person can be exciting. The thrill of having someone interested in your life will make you come back with more information. You can replicate this in your relationship. Speak about your plans and how excited you’re that your partner is part of it. This way, your plan becomes for both of you, thus, making it a common subject-matter.

Talk about your partner’s interests

It becomes dull when you’re the only subject of discussion, forcing the relationship to revolve around you. No matter the amount of love your partner has for you, conversations between both of you will die on arrival after a while. People like to feel significant, respected and want to matter.

Inquire about your partner’s interests and create conversations around them. Research those interests to acquire some facts and info so that you can significantly contribute to the conversation.

Avoid making assumptions

You can know your partner intimately but making assumptions about them based on what you know is not ideal. While you may be right, making assumptions achieves nothing but a dull conversation. You’re constantly limiting your partner’s input into the conversations. 

Also, if you’re unsure about an issue that could cause a big problem for your relationship, instead of flying with it, ask for clarification from your partner. 

Switch up your routine

Fitting yourself into the same routine every day is tiring and boring. Eventually, you and your partner would lose things to talk about as it’s all the same old same old. Escaping the routine life is beneficial for not your relationship, but also other aspects of your life. A stagnant routine can dull creativity, reduce the capacity to adapt to changes, and decrease life span. 

Add a we-time in your daily routine. A time when you and your partner can experience the universe together, thereby, providing you both numerous things to talk about. So, instead of conversing about each person’s day, you both could talk about the time you spent together.

Send Romantic messages.

Communication can be achieved through various means. When you’re physically distant from each other, then it’s time to pick your phone and show your partner how much you think of them. Talk about their qualities and state how much you’re in love. This will help create expectations during your next meeting. It’ll also vitalize the relationship. 

Talk about your weaknesses

Lovers can sometimes be incapable of pointing out their partner’s errors. Giving room to talk about your various weaknesses will help you solve some of the problems associated with your relationship. Weaknesses can be an exciting thing to talk about. 


To make conversations with your partner more interesting, make sure to go through all the tips in this article. 


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