Intimacy isn’t just about sex

When we talk about intimacy, many of us think we are also talking about sex. Although sex is an intimate act, it is not the only part of intimacy. There are other ways to feel intimate with someone other than sex.

In a relationship, intimacy is a shared moment (a close and affectionate relationship) between two people. It is a connection that extends on many levels, such as physical, intellectual, and emotional. Even though there is a lot of pressure to have sex as a relationship continues, however, you should let your partner know about other things that make you intimate with someone.

For instance, if you’ve just stopped having sex with your partner, and you feel a lack of intimacy, you’ve probably experienced a great deal of disappointment with your relationship. Here are the things you need to develop strong intimacy with your partner.

Dating couples wonder if intimacy is just about sex

Engage yourselves in deep conversations

To maintain a healthy relationship, you need to have deep and meaningful conversations with each other. You should always challenge each other to grow intellectually as your relationship progresses. For this kind of growth, communication is the key.

When you discuss the things you are passionate about with your partner, you tend to learn more about the things you have in common. And when you know some things you have in common, it fosters love and intimacy.

Along with communication also comes listening. You must learn to give each other undivided attention. When discussing, you should listen attentively to what your partner is saying. Give no room for distraction. By doing this, you will get much closer and open to each other.

You can also engage yourselves by chatting online. There are online dating sites or social media platforms where you can have long conversations.

Make eye contact

One of the fastest ways to feel intimate is by making eye contact. For some minutes, try avoiding distractions and stare into each other eyes. Though it may feel awkward, you have to do it no matter what. When gazing at each other, try to talk about what you thought or feeling. If you feel like kissing each other afterwards, go for it.

Try late night walks together while holding hands

Physical intimacy doesn’t have to be necessarily sex. Taking time to stroll and hold hands each evening can foster a deeper emotional connection. During those late-night walks, you will find it easy to engage in meaningful conversation.

There is a science about the power of holding hands. Love Hormone, known as Oxytocin, makes us feel happy and loved. It is released when people hold hands. Therefore, ensure to practice this from time to time. It will take your relationship to the next level.

Try each other favourite activities

There are chances you both have similar interests. But certainly, there are few things you don’t have in common. You can learn about them by taking a day and indulge in some activities your partner really loves and then have them do the same. By doing this, you will learn to understand your passions, enjoy your time together, and making long-lasting memories. Reminiscences of past experiences create a strong intimate bond.

Write each other romantic letters

The advent of the internet has changed a lot of things. Including writing letters to your loved ones. Has writing lost its charm? No, it will never lose its sentimentality. Seeing someone expressing how they feel about you in a paper can never be compared to SMS or chats. Writing out your thoughts and feelings will show your partner how much you love them. The feeling doesn’t just last that moment; it continues whenever you see it, especially if you’re far from each other.

Ask for help from your partners

There is nothing more comforting and relaxing than having a supportive person to lean on when you have a bad day. It may feel awkward asking for their help but feeling their support goes a long way. Try asking for their help; you might learn they are someone you can always count on in hard times. For instance, if you had a bad day, you can ask to talk about it. Doing this can ease your stress and give you the comfort you need at that time.

Kiss each other passionately

As said earlier, there is more to intimacy than sex. Kissing is another way of getting closer to your partner. Increase the number of times you kiss each other. However, kiss in such a way that won’t have to lead to sex. You can kiss on the lips, cheeks, hand, and head. Kissing is vital to improving intimacy, especially in long term relationships.

Look at old pictures together

Look at each other’s old photographs, especially your childhood pictures. By doing this, you’re exposing a younger version of yourself to your partner and steering up intimacy. You can get entangled in an amusing conversation which brings about laughs and excitement.

Plan date nights

It feels so exciting and lovely when you take your partner out on a date. It fosters love, happiness, and closeness between partners. It doesn’t have to be always expensive, plan something simple, your partner will appreciate it. As time goes on, you will get deeply intimate with each other.

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