Is Dating in Denver Easy?

When it comes to Dating in Denver and finding love, the Mile High City can’t seem to catch a break. The Great Love Debate, a global touring series, has returned to declare Denver as America’s worst place to find love for the second time since 2017. The live Town Hall-style traveling series employs a methodology that considers the opinions and demographic data of over 107,000 men and women. People who have attended the tour’s events over the last six years, as well as millions who have listened to the top-rated Great Love Debate with Brian Howie Podcast. The result – Denver daters regularly received low scores in the areas of communication, style, confidence, and excitement.

Howie commented on Dating in Denver and its environment, “Denver views itself as a busy city, which is accurate.” They are actively deteriorating in their dating and relationship skills. Are there any males in Denver? The hub of terrible bro culture – bearded, untidy, and uninterested — satisfied to enjoy a life centered on marijuana, porn, and Playstation — all washed down with overpriced craft beer. And the city’s women are equally to blame, convincing themselves that their jumbled style of nose rings, bad tattoos, and Lululemon makes them too edgy to relate. spending all waking hours at a co-working cafe plotting their “conscious coaching” empire, loudly declaring themselves too crucial to date.”

Reasons Denver Is the Worst City for Dating




No one cares about homebrew.

Hobbies are beneficial. We respect the fact that you have a pastime. But don’t force us to drink your pastime and then pretend to like it. Craft beer abounds in Denver; it’s everywhere. Honestly, everywhere. Everyone wants us to sample their latest brew. This one tastes like cherries and has the consistency of root beer. Because it’s December, here’s one with a gingerbread flavor!

Size matters

The hot Denver housing and rental market has made it challenging to locate a proper location to display your flat-screen television and those posters you purchased in college. Posters make you feel like you’re rising in the world since they’re now in plastic Target frames instead of being held up by push pins. So when you meet someone, it’s a significant step when you finally realize where they’re coming from.

Is it a Baker top-floor apartment? A Highlands Ranch condo near the light rail? Do you want to buy a property in Thornton? What kind of lifestyle are you possibly committing to here? This is an important topic because it is directly connected to the living space’s size (and location) in question. Can you date someone in Stapleton if you’re from Cap Hill? “I’m sorry, Zach. It’s not your fault. It is your home.”

The fitness requirements

Denver, and indeed the entire state of Colorado, is fascinated with fitness and the great outdoors. But there are logical limitations to what the human body can be expected to do. Compulsive hatha yoga, meaningless stair climbing, and downing kombucha as if it weren’t awful are all well beyond those bounds. Being fit is one thing, but being healthy is much more essential. But there is a reason we developed the indoors: it is superior to the outside.

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