Pre-Date Personal Grooming Checklist for Men

Facial close up of a half attractive man face

You’ve got style, you’ve got flair, and you’ve got a smile that can charm the stripes off a zebra. Your date is going to be so impressed, she’s likely to throw herself at you in the first five minutes, that is, if you’ve taken a few minutes to do a personal grooming check before heading out the door. When you’ve selected just the right shirt, pants, and shoes, it’s the little, personal attention to your appearance that really makes a difference.

Sweet Breath

It doesn’t matter how good-looking and wonderful you are, if you’ve got bad breath, you won’t make a good impression. The easy fix is to brush your teeth and/or use a bit of mouthwash before leaving your house. You can also pop a stick of mint gum into your mouth for a quick freshening. Chronic halitosis, on the other hand, will eventually overcome quick fixes, souring the air between you and your date very quickly. The most common cause of bad breath is bacteria growing in your mouth, so regular brushing and flossing are vitally important for long-term smell control. These vital hygiene and grooming actions remove food particles from your tongue, gums, and between your teeth that, if left to fester, will decay and stink it up. Other culprits that cause halitosis, such as dental infections, acid reflux, sinus infections, bronchitis, dry mouth, diabetes, and liver problems, might need a doctor’s expertise to help cure.

The Beard, the Nose, and the Ears

Facial hair can be tricky, but whatever your beard or sideburns style, make sure that it’s clean and neatly clipped. While a bit of five-o-clock shadow at the end of a long day can be sexy, the “I couldn’t be bothered to shave for three days” look is usually sloppy and unattractive, and it will tell your date you don’t care enough to make an effort. Interestingly, a recent study in Australia indicates that women may rate men with about 10 days worth of facial hair growth as the most attractive. Make sure your facial (and head) hair all looks deliberate and cared for. The nose and the ears have a tendency to sprout long hairs as you age whether you want them to or not. Nose and ear clippers are inexpensive and make the job quick and easy. You’ll certainly look younger without little tufts peeking out of your nostrils.

A Dab of Deodorant

In the olden days, men were tough and muscular and had a manly scent that made women swoon, according to historical romance novels. These aren’t the olden days, and deodorant is one of those technological advances for which civilization should bow down and be forever grateful. Be tough and muscular if you wish, but choose a deodorant that can handle your masculinity for the entire date. You probably don’t have a problem trying to remember these vital personal grooming tips, but just like a pilot preparing to take a plane into the air, a checklist will help remind you of important things to do when you might be otherwise distracted by the choice of whether to bring flowers or not. (Bonus tip: a bouquet of posies is never amiss)

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